The hotel of the famous: Sabrina Carballo confessed that she was unfaithful to Canchi Estévez

This Thursday, a new participant joined The Hotel of the Famous. The actor Nicolás Maiques was chosen to replace Leo Garcíawho decided to leave the competition after a week of confinement, discussions and conflicts with his teammates.

With his good vibes, the actor from Floricenta He was greeted with hugs and cheers by his new colleagues, but not everything was joy: the production decided that he would be part of the hotel staff, and the manager, Gabriel Olivieri, had various tasks prepared for him. Thus, on his first morning, Maiques had to take care of cleaning the gardens -where the previous night an illusionist had delighted everyone with his show-, mopping all the facilities and gardening.

But beyond the new income, some of the contestants refuse to leave behind the old conflicts and are already thinking about strategies for the nomination. “I am going to vote for the people who play in a group,” Kate Rodríguez told Walter Queijeiro. And she added: “They are like a pack, like the wolves that walk all together.”

Melody Luz, in turn, continued with her maneuvers to seduce the chef, Santiago Albornoz del Azar; but despite following the game, the chef gave details about her sentimental present for the first time. “Why do you get back together as a couple after being in a couple?” The dancer wanted to know. “I fell in love,” he replied, but she assured that she did not notice. “You’re playing with me and you don’t know what it’s like to be locked up here,” she said.

“If I weren’t in love, obviously we could be together,” he said then. And without looking at him, she asked: “And when she sees this, she’s not going to be upset?” The conversation, like the first day, continued with phrases as spicy as they were inconsequential.

Bored, Noya and Caniggia decided to throw eggs and flour at Sabrina Carballo, who was sunbathing by the pool. That was the first in a series of “attacks” by staff members on guests. Alex, Majo Martino, Lissa Vera and Imanol Rodríguez participated in the second. What did you do? They threw cushions at them while their companions were at the table, finishing their lunch.

As expected, things did not end well. A cushion hit the table squarely, knocking the thermos of hot coffee over Kate and breaking a glass. Immediately, while Blanco laughed at the situation, the member of Bandana and the son of Miguel Ángel Rodríguez left the place running.

Angry, the Dominican woman pointed at the journalist and accused her of having been the one who threw the “projectile”. Martino did not take responsibility, and that attitude led the dancer to make a decision.

Despite not having been injured, she went to the infirmary with her arm wrapped in a towel and asked the doctor to bandage her arm, but the woman refused. Later, she would confess to Pato Galván that she is convinced that Martino did it to her on purpose and told him of her plan: “I want to make everyone believe that he cut me off. I don’t want to keep this inside.” The animator, however, tried to convince her that it was not in her best interest to do so.

In dialogue with Pampita Ardohain and in front of all her companions, Kate attacked: “I don’t like people who play in packs. I would like to see people with more personality, people who like to play alone. Today a glass fell on me. I didn’t cut myself, but that’s not important and I’m even going to take it as part of the game”.

At that moment, Martín Salwe interrupted her to give his version: “The cushion falls on the table, the glass falls and obviously we all worry. What had to be done with her, in addition to helping her, although no one saw her cut…”. This time, the one who interrupted was Rodríguez. “I’m not cut off. I don’t want to argue with him or anyone. What I’m asking is that they give me my space so that my temperature goes down and not tell you everything you deserve. I have every right to get into a place so that the anger goes away and not piss off everyone, ”she explained, ignoring her strategy of making them think that she was hurt. Of course, at that moment there was a strong discussion between those who had thrown the cushions on the table full of crockery while their companions ate and Walter Queijeiro, who condemned that action.

The challenge between the guests and While Noya was trying to convince Queijeiro that his attitude was turning everyone against him, Kate passed by and listened to him. So, the actor Big Ass He tried to talk to her, leaving the sports journalist with the word in his mouth. In any case, his strategy of building ties with the Dominican failed. “Do you know what’s going on, Rodrigo? That you put yourself in a mediator place all the time and the truth is that you break my balls a lot, ”she shot him. “Don’t put yourself in mediator. I don’t want you to defend me,” she added. And taking the file from his partner, in view of the situation that he had just observed, he concluded: “But I also don’t want you to be filling everyone’s head with shit. Let’s just take the party in peace. You play your game, I play mine. Were you there when it happened? No, you weren’t there. Walter was there. So don’t think shit.

The actor ran to tell Martino, Blanco, Vera and Maiques that Kate was angry with him and they all started shooting at Queijeiro. “Walter is that what we see,” asked the fashion consultant.

Already preparing for the challenge among the guests, which would give her the third nominee of the week, Kate exploded. “Everyone gets involved to defend. Additional features. clappers. The clappers have my balls full! Whoever does the shit, let him defend himself. That’s what pisses me off: that the one who screwed up doesn’t defend herself.”

In this case, the challenge, again, combined physical tests with the assembly of a puzzle. The first position went to Melody Luz, who won the benefit of spending the night in the suite with a partner of her choice. At the end of the circuit, the dancer had to be assisted after vomiting, while some of the other participants were still in competition.

Salwe, Kate, Carballo, Luna and Queijeiro followed. Thus, Galván became the third nominee. It was still missing to know with whom Melody would share the room. Without hesitation, the dancer chose the media son of Mariana Nannis. “I really like people who make me laugh and with him I feel that every comment is a back and forth of laughter,” she explained.

Then, Queijeiro, Salwe, Carballo, Caniggia, Noya and Melody lent themselves to a game of questions and answers proposed by the production. One of the questions, addressed to the actress of Summer of ’98, was what I would never forgive. “The lie,” she replied without hesitation. Then, his companions wanted to know if Maxi “Chanchi” Estévez had ever lied to him. “He tried, but I figured it out. She left and came back, ”recalled the actress.

Her ex-partner appeared on the scene and was asked to answer the same question. “Betrayal,” was her reply. And when asked if the actress, with whom he was a couple for more than a decade, had betrayed him, she preferred to remain silent and withdraw from her. Nervous, the actress began to laugh while her classmates chanted “treacherous.” Then, alone with the camera, she would confess that she did, that she betrayed the former soccer player at the time.

As the two teams dined with their respective partners, Kate tried to be alone. By the pool, the dancer burst into tears and again it was Queijeiro who came over to talk to her. Then, she told him that she was planning to nominate Martino, “because she becomes everyone’s friend and she is no one’s friend” and because she “knits and unknits.”

Already in the suite, the impromptu couple had to face a spicy game proposed by the production that involved the 5 senses and arranged to spend a night away from the group.

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The hotel of the famous: Sabrina Carballo confessed that she was unfaithful to Canchi Estévez