The Hotel of the Famous: Rodrigo Noya’s day of fury and the disloyal betrayal of Chanchi Estévez to Sabrina Carballo

This Monday, after a controversial challenge to define who would be members of the staff this week and who would enjoy the facilities as guests of the Hotel of the Famous, it was time to vote for the first nominee. In the midst of strong discussions with Maximiliano “Chanchi” Estévez, Lissa Vera, Matilda Blanco and Majo Martínez, Rodrigo Noya he got the most votes and he didn’t take it well at all.

As soon as Leandro “Chino” Leunis ended the ceremony, the actor quickly left the frame. Angry at the questionable definition of the test -Blanco did not finish the test and was replaced by his teammates without the drivers knowing what to do or say- and for having been attacked by members of the other team, made a strong determination: to leave the program.

“I’m leaving, now, because I can’t take it anymore,” he told Imanol Rodríguez as he went out to the garden carrying his suitcase. Miguel Ángel Rodríguez’s son wanted to stop him, but without much effort. “It’s a game,” he managed to tell her. But her terse words failed to convince him. “It is no longer a game. I am no longer playing. I’m going to get out of the labyrinth tomorrow and I’m going to go back to the H again and I don’t feel like it, ”she replied, referring to the last weekly test, which defines who leaves the reality show.

Later, Rodríguez and Melany Luz -who was on the winning team- analyzed the reaction of their teammates towards Noya. The dancer clearly established her position by marking that she is being singled out for strategizing when everyone is playing. The influencer, in turn, emphasized “the information that comes and goes”, perhaps referring to Martino, whom many point to as the one who circulates information between one group and another for his own convenience.

Sabrina Carballo and her ex-partner, el Chanchi Estévez, are clearly on opposite sides. And despite the fact that the actress tries to bring positions closer, the former soccer player remains firm in his decision to continue targeting in a pack against the protagonist of Valentine, one of the strongest players inside the hotel.

Despite the fact that alone in front of the cameras Melany assured that she does not feel comfortable with the climate that has been generated in recent weeks and that she refuses to join one of the two sides, she was one of the few who approached Noya to ask him how he felt. “That I am? The demon? They talk to me as if I were a person who is beating everyone up, who attacks everyone, who spends his time fighting with everyone. Yesterday I came back from H, after everyone fenced me in and voted me the best. I chatted with everyone. I resented that the masks and fakes talk to me as if they were my brothers, that they came to put their little hand here on my shoulder, telling me: ‘You broke it! Congratulations!’. And I didn’t say anything to anyone”, he explained to his partner, who in recent weeks has been the preferred target of the fashion consultant, with the permission of the rest of the women in the hotel.

El Pato Galván and Walter Queijeiro joined the conversation and the former host of torrents He limited: “You were very good in saying that you did not want to speak when you were nominated, but later, like an idiot, you ended up talking sitting there. You yelled at them: ‘You don’t have eggs!’ And you gave the other the chance to respond to you.” And he added: “Why do they want to drive you crazy? Because you are the main competitor they have. They lost yesterday. They tried to use the opportunity to get rid of one of the main competitors, and it did not work out. You keep winning. And they’re gonna keep driving you crazy ’cause they want you out“, I explain.

In the guest room, everything is joy. “He just wanted to leave,” the Chanchi informs Martín Salwe, who smiles broadly and rubs his hands together as he listens. “Take it personally, it’s a lot,” added the former soccer player. While the member of Bandana limited: “It’s a lot.” Precisely, in the middle of the vote, it was she who, faced with the actor’s anger, faced with the attacks of the other group, yelled at him: “That’s the real Rodrigo. We take off our masks.” The night before Leo García decided to leave the competition, he had also violently argued with the singer.

“The problem here is double talk,” he would tell his fellow guests over dinner. “Because if you say it’s a strategy, it’s fine, it’s respectable. If you say that there is something personal, it is also respectable. But when you are constantly between two ideas, throwing double information at all times, then, you bank the change, ”he philosophized. But Melany was not silent this time: “It must be hard if the whole world turns against you. The same thing happened with Kate (Rodríguez, another of the great competitors whom the same group ended up voting for compulsively); no matter how much she slept a lot or didn’t talk to anyone… I tried, because she hadn’t done anything to me”.

While Carballo explained to Noya that what bothered her ex-boyfriend was that she said “she had no balls”, Martino listened to her and began to pay attention to the conversation, without them noticing. “Imanol told me that they told him to vote for me. What strategy is he talking about? Sabri, you haven’t seen him for 15 years, huh, ”the actor replied, referring to the moment in which his colleague and Chanchi ended their love relationship. And he added: “I know you want to mediate because you are fond of Chanchi, but it won’t. I don’t share it. They are a bunch of masks and fakes”.

Then, he told his colleagues about a conversation he had with Marcela Feudale’s replacement in the latest edition of ShowMatch: “Martín came and told me: ‘Your son doesn’t have to see this.’ I hope my son sees it. Delighted that he sees that his dad is real, that his dad doesn’t eat boogers. What’s more… I’m going to put it on him and tell him: ‘This is how people have to act, son. Are you mad at someone? You get angry, you don’t care. That’s how you have to be, real in life’”.

At dinner time, Noya did not want to share the table with Martino and Silvina Luna – who decided to vote for him to save her new friend – and ended up eating alone in the garden. However, beyond the threats to leave the house that same night, the actor slept in the hotel with his companions.

While in the guest room Lissa, Alexander Caniggia and Chanchi continued to criticize Noya and believed they could drag Queijeiro into their group, the sports journalist, Galván and Noya began to realize that the former soccer player is the one who pulls the strings. “What El Chanchi is doing is getting into the thoughts of some players and making them angry. This is the case of Rodrigo, Kate’s… That could be a mistake, because if you enter that game, you don’t go out anymore”, analyzed the expanselist of blessed.

The moment arrived, then, for the challenge between the members of the staff that would determine who would join the line of guests and who would be the second nominee. In this case, the challenge was entirely physical, and included supporting the weight of the body while climbing ropes.

The first to fall into the mud was Galván, who thus became the second nominee of the week. Queijeiro, Rodríguez and Carballo followed. Thus, Martino became part of the staff and reunited with his teammates and strategies. “He really wanted to be a guest, so… Let him go and enjoy. The remaining group is very good”, said Carballo about the resolution.

Not even the joy of having his ally on the team again reassured Chanchi, who, seeing Melody talking to Noya, fired contemptuously: “It’s weird. What are ‘the mole’ and ‘the squirrel’ talking about? Then, the 44-year-old former soccer player tried to convince Alex that the dancer is an infiltrator.

And he continued later with the ex-participant of VIP Big Brother and the fashion consultant. “Things are going to start to change, eh… The teams have already started to change,” she said. In Blanco she found an ally: “They don’t look at me when I go to the kitchen. They don’t look at me, they don’t talk to me. ‘Ardi’ -for Noya- says that what we are doing to her is harassment…”, assured the former member of “Las T-Nellys”, 54 years old. And she continued: “It hurt me a lot, because, from there to harassment… It’s a very serious word, mega. Annoying is one thing, harassment is something else.

“If no one talks to him, how is it going to be harassment,” he said in Chanchi. And looking at Alex, she pointed to the ballerina again. ShowMatch: “And Melody looks at you with a face of few friends now”.

“The ‘toxi’? But it’s a mole, “replied the heir of Mariana Nannis, while the laughter of Blanco, declared enemy of the young dancer, was heard in the background. And then, the former soccer player took the opportunity, once again, to continue with his strategy that her entourage direct the votes to her convenience: “I had not seen her that she was behind the gym, with the ‘ardi’ talking , whispering. Eh… The soda formula are you telling him? For a little! ”, He expressed, implying that beyond his attempt to know what they were talking about this time he was left with the desire. And his main henchman, Caniggia, fired, as if it were his idea: “You have to make shit of both of them.”

Salwe wanted to add one more participant to the combo of possible nominees: Sabrina, Chanchi’s ex-partner. And, to her surprise, the former soccer player’s response was: “Tomorrow, for me. Rodrigo, Walter, Sabrina and Melody. There are four votes. I’m going to tell you one thing: if Sabrina gets into that, she’s going to die. She sent her to die.”

And the member of Bandana closed the chapter giving her opinion on the former soccer player: “El Chanchi has the delicacy, the charisma, the intelligence and is also consistent with what he says [SIC] and what happens after. It takes its place naturally. Perhaps because he dedicated his whole life to it. He is the brigadier. Brigadier General Chanchi Estévez”.

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The Hotel of the Famous: Rodrigo Noya’s day of fury and the disloyal betrayal of Chanchi Estévez to Sabrina Carballo