“The hotel of the famous 2” will have a Uruguayan participant; Who is she?

Sometimes television has unexpected successes. That happened more than two decades ago to the sitcom Married with kids, which ended up becoming an audience phenomenon that is still repeated on Argentine television. This year there was also such a phenomenon, which no one expected: The famous hotel.

The reality they lead Carolina “Pampita” Ardohain Y Leandro “Chino” Leunis It began timidly on the grid of El Trece, and became one of the biggest events of the first semester. The slogan is simple: a group of 16 celebrities, some more famous than others, submit to a four-month confinement in a hotel with no access to the outside world and where they will have to do chores, in addition to living together. Something like Big Brother, but with the difference that these figures will have to work. And a lot.


What is “The Hotel of the Famous”?

The hotel of the famous 2 will have a Uruguayan
“The hotel of the famous”. Photo: YouTube Capture

At the beginning of each week, teams are assembled that will have to face each other in a challenge that defines who will be the “guests”, that is, those who will be comfortable enjoying the facilities, and who will be part of the “hotel staff”. , that is, those who are going to have to work for others to enjoy.

That means guests will stay in upgraded rooms with access to the pool, spa, buffet breakfasts, meals, and more.

The members of the “staff” will not have the same luck, who will stay in the service area that does not have many amenities. In addition to this, they will have to take care of maintenance and attention to “guests”. This involves doing the laundry, preparing breakfast and other meals, taking care of the green spaces, the pool, and taking care of hotel maintenance.

The first season the won Alexander Caniggiawho beat Martín Salwe, and won a prize of 10 million Argentine pesos.

Alex Caniggia with his winner's trophy
Alex Caniggia with his trophy for winning “The Hotel of the Famous”. Photo: Instagram


Who are the participants in the second season of “The Hotel of the Famous”?

This week it was announced who will be the participants of the second season of this reality show that will premiere in January on Argentine television. At the moment, it is unknown if it will be seen in Uruguay.

The participants will be the media Charlotte Caniggiathe model Delfina Gerez Boscothe former participant Dancing for a Dream Y Masterchef Celebrity Argentina, Dew Marengothe influencer Florence Moyanothe actor Fernando Carrillothe actor Alejo Ortizthe actor (and brother of Jimena Barón), Frederick Baronboxer and actor Martin Coggithe media Mimi Alvaradothe ex Big Brother Marian Farhatthe singer and actress Erica Garciathe actor and conductor Emiliano Rellathe influencer Enzo Aguilarthe former soccer player Sebastian Cobellithe former participant of last season of The famous hotel, John Martin, and the Uruguayan vedette, singer and host Abigail Pereira.

Although Abigaíl Pereira is the only Uruguayan confirmed for this season, she is not the only Uruguayan who has been on the reality show since she entered the hotel in the last edition Monica Farro, although his stay was not very long since he had to resign due to a health problem. Furthermore, Andrea Ghidone was summoned to join the reality showbut rejected the offer.

Pereira, who this week was removed from Masterchef Celebrity Uruguay, He has a well-known television career on both banks of the Río de la Plata. She was part of Dancing for a Dream in 2007, he participated in the cycle Something with you Channel 4, and also worked for the Telemundo network in the United States.

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“The hotel of the famous 2” will have a Uruguayan participant; Who is she?