‘The Gilded Age’, the new series will arrive in January on HBO Max

The Grantham family is about to return to theaters with the sequel to Downton abbey in which they will go on vacation to the south of France. But for those who consider that a two-hour movie cannot replace the pleasure of watching entire seasons of period fiction premium, with a careful setting and locations, you can rest assured: there is also little left for it to be released The Gilded Age, the new project from creator Julian Fellowes for HBO Max.

It will do it in January and it will not be set in England. This time Fellowes, author of Downton abbey, wants to explore American territory with a fiction set in New York City from 1882. Marian Brook is the orphan daughter of a general who moves to the city to settle in the home of aunts Agnes van Rhijn and Ada Brook, who are considered old money. She will soon find herself embroiled in a social war between her aunts and some great, nouveau riche neighbors.

Change of scenery

Julian Fellowes leaves England to set ‘The Gilded Age’ in New York in 1882

Louisa Jacobson, Meryl Streep’s youngest daughter, will be the young woman between two worlds in a cast completed by Christine Baranski (The good fight), Carrie Coon (The leftovers), Taissa Farmiga (American horror story), Cynthia Nixon (Sex in New York), Denée Benton (Hamilton), Harry Richardson (Poldark) o Jack Gilpin (Billions).

With the first trailer of the series, it is confirmed that The Gilded Age it’s finally rolled and on the way after multiple stumbles. In 2012 it was announced that Fellowes was developing a series for Universal and its NBC channel. Was going to be called The Gilded Age and I wanted to take advantage of the American love for Fellowes and his talent for writing period dramas, considering that Downton abbey Not only did he always compete at the Emmys in the main categories, but he also swept the audience on PBS, the public channel in the United States.

But at the time, Fellowes was still concentrating on writing the final seasons of Downton abbey, which would not end until 2015, and left The Gilded Age locked in a drawer. When it had time to pick up the series, NBC greenlit a first season in early 2018.

But shortly after Universal realized that the numbers were not coming out: The Gilded Age It couldn’t be an inexpensive show if they wanted high production values, and a period drama had the potential to attract a larger audience unattractive to advertisers. This is how Universal sold the project to HBO so that it could just be developed for the cable channel and its content platform. And finally we can see the results, not even in advance mode.

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‘The Gilded Age’, the new series will arrive in January on HBO Max