The first trailer for season 4 of ‘New Amsterdam’ reveals Max Goodwin’s wishes for this new stage

The fourth installment of the fiction starring Ryan Eggold and Freema Agyeman arrives on NBC on September 21.

If after seeing the first image of Max (Ryan Eggold) and Helen (Freema Agyeman), after the kiss that closed the third season, you were left wanting to know more about what the fourth installment of New Amsterdam hides, today is your lucky day. The NBC network has published a first advance of medical fiction, which could be defined as brief but intense. Intense because in its 15 seconds of duration, the enigmatic director of the hospital, Dr. Max Goodwin, perfectly sums up what the essence of the new batch of episodes will be.

This new beginning, try to focus on joy [Max Goodwin]

His words, although emotional, are not surprising, because its creator, David Schulner already anticipated, after the end of the third season, that in the new installment happiness would be a predominant tonic in the plot. “There will be more joy, more happiness, more love, and more than fighting the oppression of the pandemic, our characters will fight to pursue their happiness, find it and keep it“explained the ‘showrunner’ in statements to TV Insider.

First image of season 4 of ‘New Amsterdam’: Max, Helen and a tender gesture of love

The long-awaited first preview also offers a slight clue to one of the unknowns that the final episode of the last season left unsolved: if the doctor Iggy Frome (Tyler Labine), the head of the psychiatry department, would return to the hospital after assuring that he wanted to go without a consultation for a while. In the video, which you can see above these lines, you can see how Max melts into a fraternal hug with Dr. Sharpe and with him. Dr. Frome. Despite the illusion we see on the face of the medical director, we still it is unknown if it is a one-off visit, or if Iggy has really returned to join his old position. Or why not, if perhaps Max has offered you a new position, where you feel more secure. A detail that he is sure to appreciate after having the incident he suffered at the hands of one of his patients.

We will improve healthcare by working together [Goodwin]

With this phrase in the purest Goodwin style, this first teaser concludes, implying that the director of the New Amsterdam will continue to leave his skin to get the best care for each patient to return to the oldest public hospital in New York the prestige it had in the past. There will be what to wait to see what new challenges is Max facing in this fourth season, after trying to curb climate change, changing the menu of inpatients or providing electronic devices and broadband to a suburban neighborhood.

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Max and Helen, step by step

If you are a fan of fiction, perhaps you have missed seeing Max and Helen together, as the first image offered a few days ago, exclusively, by TV Line showed. In it, the two protagonists appeared in what seems to be one of their meetings on the roof of New Amsterdam, after that kiss that left the followers wanting to know more. To date, it is known that what started behind that door will continue, but that both are going to have to do their part to make the relationship work. And it is that, as explained by Schulner himself, “There are many things that they have left unsaid. (…) The fans know much more about them than they do about each other. (…) There’s a lot they need to talk about before they can move on with each other. “.

Instead, this first promo of the new season does offer a first glimpse of another romantic relationship that was left open at the end of the third season. We refer to that of Dr. Reynolds (Jocko Sims) and Dr. Lyn (Frances Turner). Recall that Reynolds was left speechless when he discovered that the new Chief of Surgery, Dr. Claude Baptiste (Andre Blake) – who offers him the position of deputy director of the department – is Lyn’s husband. Judging from the words Reynolds says in the video, he doesn’t seem to care too much about the presence of his lover’s partner.

All I do is think of you [Floyd Reynolds]

There are many unknowns that it still awaits fourth season, which can be seen in the United States from next September 21. In SpainAt the moment Fox, the chain that first broadcast the third installment, has not announced when it will air the new adventures of Goodwin and company. We will continue to inform!

Article: Soure