The film starring Johnny Depp that critics destroyed but was all the rage

Many times the critics have a negative view of a production, but there are times when they still captivate the public. I know what it is.

Johnny Depp He is one of the most talented and recognized actors of the last decades. Such is so the 58-year-old American remains a movie star and continues to make people talk every time he participates in a production. This is the case of one of the films he starred in a few years ago, was poorly received by critics but caused a sensation in the publiceither. I know what it is.

The film starring Johnny Depp that critics destroyed but was all the rage

The Turist is the movie starring Johnny Depp that you can’t stop watching. Originally released in 2010, after its appearance the criticism was very harsh but that was not reflected in what happened with the publicBut rather the opposite.

The film had a budget of 100 million dollars, but after arriving in theaters, it grossed 278 million dollars worldwide and was nominated for three Golden Globes. The plot focuses on Frank, an American tourist who travels to Italy to try to recover from a love failure.. On his way he will meet an extraordinary woman, as beautiful as she is dangerous.

The Turist

Synopsis of The Tourist, the Johnny Depp movie that was all the rage

“An American tourist, seeking solace from a heartbreak, ends up meeting a beautiful Inteprol agent”. The film is available on Netflix, although only in some countries and Argentina, for now, is not included.

Cast of The Tourist, the Johnny Depp film that captivated the public

  • Johnny Depp as Frank Tupelo / Alexander Pearce.
  • Angeline Jolie as Elise Clifton-Ward
  • Paul bettany as Insp. John Acheson
  • Timothy dalton as Chief Inspector Jones
  • Steven berkoff as Reginald Shaw
  • Rufus Sewell like english
  • Christian by sica as Colonel Lombardi
  • Alessio Boni as Sergeant Cerato
  • Raoul Bova as Count Filippo Gaggia
  • daniele Pecci as Lieutenant Narduzzi
  • John Guidelli as Lieutenant Tommassini

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The film starring Johnny Depp that critics destroyed but was all the rage