June 29, 2021

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“The Fantastic Car”, the inspiration for the Manson MB KR-1, Muse’s new signature model

The Fantastic Car the inspiration for the Manson MB KR 1

The kind of Matt Bellamy It is the flagship guitar of the Manson brand, and numerous (usually very extreme) variations have been made of the leader’s instrument. Muse. It has always been the guitar that has housed its secret gadgets, such as the fuzz pedals that it sometimes houses inside, or the kaoss pad that is often installed on the guitar.

This time, Manson (now owned by the British guitarist) has unveiled a new version of the same guitar, called MB KR-1. The name comes from Knight Rider, the series about a car with life and voice, which in Spain was known as “The fantastic car“. By the average age of the foreros, we assume that most of you have seen it, but for the youngest, the summary of the argument would be: a car that talks and has its own intelligence, is the best friend of David Hasselhof, and together they catch the villains in each chapter, which usually ends with a KITT joke, the car.

The car was black (hence the guitar finish) and with red highlights that helped to understand when KITT was speaking, and it’s a shame this Manson KR-1 doesn’t include such extravagance. Yes, we know it might have been overkill, but since you make a fantastic car guitar, go all the way! This time the logo was the only part of the guitar that reminds us of that distinctive color note.

Manson KR-1

Jokes aside, it is an instrument with a body of aliso that comes equipped with the system Sustainiac Sustainer and a single Manson PF-1 bridge pickup, which can be used in two modes thanks to push pull (we assume for single coil). Also on the neck of arce with fingerboard ebony we find details like Luminlay placeholders. Very appropriate for playing in the middle of the night.

The price thing is complicated, and there are two versions, and none too earthy. The least expensive (the KR-1) starts at 3,470 euros and there are only 80 units. However, the K1T-1 version is even more exclusive: it is limited to 20 units, and we assume that it must be priced strongly.

Manson KR-1

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