The essence of ‘New Amsterdam’ in danger with the arrival of a new doctor in season 4

Alicia P. Ferreiros

TV Series Managing Editor / Periodista

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The team of the NBC series of doctors welcomes veteran actress Michelle Forbes in the new installment whose filming has already begun.

The season 4 of New Amsterdam just incorporated a new doctor to their ranks, but it seems that the newcomer will not arrive precisely to facilitate things between the corridors of what is already one of the most famous hospitals on the small screen. As confirmed TVLine, the series starring Ryan Eggold and Freema Agyeman the newcomer will be a veteran doctor played by the also veteran interpreter Michelle Forbes, unforgettable for her roles in The Killing or in True Blood, among others.

What can we expect from it? The information is very scarce, but according to what has been advanced the new doctor is called Veronica Fuentes and has a calm and fearless attitude towards life. However, his arrival at the hospital will not be so, since his mission is to “rebuild” the hospital and put some order. TVLine holds, in fact, that The work that has been entrusted to Dr. Fuentes is to reverse the bad financial situation of New Amsterdam Hospital and that for this the first step will be to “clean the slate of ineptitude.”

Layoffs Looming? It seems. Although Dr. Max Goodwin, from his position as medical director, will also have something to say. Or so we hope.

Season 4 of ‘New Amsterdam’ already has a release date (not in Spain, but let’s do the math)

The arrival of Michelle Forbes in season 4 will not only make things difficult for more than one worker in the New York hospital, but also it will serve to fill the space left by one of the doctors who left in the last installment. We are talking about Dr. Kapoor, whose departure from the center occurred as a result of the need for the Indian actor Anupam Kher to leave the series to dedicate himself body and soul to taking care of his sick wife.

But it is not all bad news. Among other novelties of season 4 of New Amsterdam we have to highlight that its star partner, Max and Helen, has finally given the opportunity that we were all waiting for and that the worst part of the pandemic will be behind us, as promised by the ‘showrunner ‘David Schulner recently a TVLine: “What we are going to see in season 4 is what we are all feeling right now in this moment of hope and a new beginning. Where the worst is behind us and the best is ahead.”

At the moment there is no date for its premiere in Spain, but NBC has already announced that the fourth season will see the light of day across the pond on September 21, 2021.