The episode of Friends in which they replaced Jennifer Aniston and nobody noticed –

Jennifer Aniston was replaced in different episodes of Friends @friends/Intagram

The cast of the Friends series became one of the most iconic on American television. To this day, the names of the actors who gave life to the six friends from New York are among the best known, while their chemistry crossed the screens. Among the main characters, Rachel Green stood out, a spoiled young woman who left her dad’s money behind to find herself with the group. With this interpretation, the fame of Jennifer Aniston was catapulted. For this reason, many fans of the sitcom find it difficult to imagine Rachel with another actress. However, they can check it with an episode.

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When NBC began to line up the main stars for its show, it tried different options. Rachel was not going to be played by Jennifer Aniston. From the start, Kimmy Schmidt’s Jane Krakowski and Tea Leoni received offers, but in the end it was Aniston who walked away with the top prize. However, the person who appears in the small fragment is not any of these successful actresses.

In episode 15 of the ninth season, titled The One With the Mugging, Aniston was apparently replaced. The detail was first known in 2015 and was published on, where it was noted that the actress was in a shot at the same time as her possible double.

In the episode, Rachel’s character goes to Monica’s apartment to tell her that Joey had gotten an audition with actor Leonard Hayes, but when the camera pans over to him, someone else appears in Rachel’s place.

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Friends aired on TV for 10 years @Friends/Instagram

Continuity errors are common in series and movies, where staff members are dedicated exclusively to making sure there are no abrupt jumps for the audience in the final cut. Even so, in the editing process some failed scenes can leak out and then come to light. In the series, in another episode of the ninth season, The One With the Sharks, Aniston was replaced again, when another woman is seen sitting next to Monica, with a very different look.

Rachel and Monica, from Friends, friends in real life

Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox, who played Monica Geller, have let their friendship transcend and last over time. On Thursday, Aniston left her former setmate a message for her 59th birthday: “I would like to take a moment to wish my dear CC the happiest of birthdays,” she wrote in a compilation of images and videos. “If you’ve been lucky enough to meet her, you know how amazing she is.” In the end, she described her in an emotional way: “The biggest heart and the most generous human being. I love you Cox-N-Hammer! Happy Birthday”.

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The episode of Friends in which they replaced Jennifer Aniston and nobody noticed –