The documentary of the National Team in the Copa América arrives on TV: how to watch it

The three-part documentary “Be Eternal: Champions of America”, which caused a sensation due to the previous harangue revealed by Lionel Messi, can be seen on television from this Thursday.

Channel 9 reported that From this Thursday at 10 p.m. and for two more weeks they will premiere each chapter of the production that PEGSA made for Netflix, which can also be seen on the platform.

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The production is focused on the intimacy of the team that won the Copa América in Brazil in 2021, with interviews with the protagonists and great footballers such as Neymar, Xavi Hernández and Ronaldinho.

Lionel Messi, who also speaks in the documentary, is the protagonist of the harangue that was broadcast before the premiere: “I want to thank you for these 45 days, I told you on my birthday, a spectacular group was put together, a beautiful group And I really enjoyed it.”

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“45 days where we didn’t complain about the trips, the food, the hotels, the courts, nothing boys. 45 days without seeing our family boys, 45 days… El Dibu (Martínez) was a father and not He could still see his daughter, he could not make him up, Chino (Martínez Quarta) the same, he saw him for a little while, and all why? For this moment, “he said.

And he closed: “We had a goal and we are one step away from achieving it. One step away. And do you know what is the best of all? That it depends on us, it depends on us to win this cup. We are going to raise that cup and we are going to take it to Argentina to enjoy with our family, our friends, the people who always supported Argentina. There is no such thing as coincidence. You know what? This Cup had to be played in Argentina and God brought it here. God brought her here so that we can raise her up in the Maracana, boys, to make it more beautiful for everyone. So let’s go out confident and calm that we’re going to take her home”.

In addition, you can see other players such as Rodrigo De Paul, or Ángel Di Maria, sharing their emotions in the Cup. “In no final had I scored a goal. I have thousands of trophies, but I think this is the only one I wanted,” he said. the noodle”.

The documentary shows an unpublished side of the Messi captain, and already in its advance it shows statements by the Argentine “ten”: “He had hit me and got up again. I had fallen again and so and everything had in my head that I was going to give. I always had a pending account with me and with my country”, Messi expressed excitedly.

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The documentary of the National Team in the Copa América arrives on TV: how to watch it