The devil?

It is comforting for the imagination to identify pedophiles as anonymous beings with a sordid appearance, carrying out their atrocities from the shadows, equipped with horns and a tail. Imagining them as normal people is too disturbing. It’s very scary. The documentary that shows Netflix about the public life and private atrocities of an individual called Jimmy Savile has a lucid and explanatory subtitle: “A British horror story.”

They tell us that for more than 50 years he was the most famous, loved and admired character in England. Incombustible king of the BBC, of ​​the radio, of the Show permanent. He made everyone laugh and drool. He was loved by the common people, the celebrities, the hard workers, prince charles, his wife Diana and Margaret Thatcher. Also the children. in your program Jim gets it He managed to make the dreams of some creatures who wrote letters to him come true. He also organized marathons to help finance reformatories, children’s hospitals disabled and residences for unprotected children. The queen made him a Knight of the Empire. There was a conviction on everyone’s part that he was more than just a dazzling personality. It was simply a national treasure.

Savile dies in her bed and in the odor of lay sanctity two days before her 85th birthday. She receives state funerals. All Christ cries and longs for him. Except hundreds of grown women whom he raped when they were children. They did not open her trembling mouth then due to understandable and human circumstances. But there were multiple well-founded clues about the charming monster’s sexual interests. No investigation came to an end. He was a millionaire, he was famous. But he was also protected by true power. And he always exercised it. The police, the judges and the media averted their eyes. Poor girls.

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The devil?