The daring look chosen by Juana Viale for her return to TV and the host’s mischievous joke

For his return to the small screen with his own program (Having lunch with Juana, by elthirteen), Juana Viale once again opted for the designer who has been accompanying her for the last two years, Gino Bogani.

For this very special occasion, the driver wore a lime green design. ”It’s a set of rhinestone pants, open shirt in the front. With Bogani we are in crisis and we had no buttons, ”she joked. “It’s a natural silk shirt, and this outfit also has a train,” detailed. “It’s Bogani, so he’s cute, all cute,” she stressed.

In dialogue with LA NACION in the run-up to the returnBogani had expanded on what it is like to work side by side with Viale in choosing the looks.

Gino Bogani, present at Lunch with Juana Vialevideo capture

“Not only is she one of the prettiest women in our country, but her attitude matters, how graceful she is, how well we get along. We understand each other with our eyes, we are very complicit. She is a sweetheart. I’ve known her since she was in Marcela’s belly, all her life. We are very close friends with Marcela and I made her wedding dress. But it’s one thing to know Juanita as a friend’s daughter and see her at all the family gatherings than to be in a working relationship. We have good chemistry, we have a lot of fun, although like all work it has its sacrifice and her things. But we do it with humor”, Bogani told this medium.

Having lunch with Juana Viale
Having lunch with Juana Vialevideo capture

Likewise, revealed that the dress of each weekend “is always a surprise for her” and added: “Not even Juanita knows what I have prepared for her. I decide everything and she always likes everything. She comes to try two or three days before and there she finds out what she is going to use ”.

in his debutJuana had as guests Guillermo Coppola, Ezequiel “el Polaco” Cwirkaluk, Rolando Barbano Y Carolina “Pampita” Ardohain.

The model and host entered with an imposing white dress by María Gorof and as soon as he saw Juana he gave her a very heartfelt hug. In that instant, Both were very excited and Pampita congratulated her on the achievement of having her cycle, emancipated at a certain point from her grandmother.

“You are a fighter for life,” Pampita told him, and that moved Viale. “You too, I also notice you in a moment of calm, I feel that everything came to you, you are in a great moment.” Minutes later, Ardohain expressed how much he loved her and Viale assured her that the feeling is mutual.

At the table, the driver of The Hotel of the Famous, success of eltrece that will have a second season, spoke of his present. “I don’t know if this is my best moment, but it is a moment of great peace, we are very much in love with our family (….) And I wanted to do my reality show, Being Pampita, because people are happy to see what you do”, shared the model. In another section of the conversation between the diners when jealousy was discussed, Pampita admitted that she was very jealous.

“Yes, I am jealous, yes. I’m not going to be politically correct,” she said with a laugh. “But not to the level of creating a scandal,” he clarified.. Juana, on the other hand, revealed that she is not at all. “When someone looks at my boyfriend, in a way he is a compliment to me, apart from that everything can vanish in a second, you have to enjoy it,” said Juana.

Having lunch with Juana Viale and an emotional moment with Pampita
Having lunch with Juana Viale and an emotional moment with Pampitavideo capture

As to The Hotel of the Famous, Pampita assured that they will return with a second round. “It was a dream project, a different reality show that had a lot of repercussions. Couples were formed, there was the villain, there was the funny one… People appropriated everything, my mother-in-law even asked me about Locho, there was a lot of expectation, so there is a lot of desire to return with many surprises, we will start filming soon, ”revealed Ardohain. “We return with the Chinese [Leunis]an excellent partner”, he added.

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The daring look chosen by Juana Viale for her return to TV and the host’s mischievous joke