The “Cuban” melts all her fans with tenderness in a photo

Livia Britoreappears in a photograph from his Instagram account in which he seldom shows himself with a beautiful memory in which he celebrated his childhood.

The “Cuban television actress“, Livia Britoremembered in productions like “Triumph of Love“, “La Piloto”, and recently, “La Desalmada”, shared a snapshot on his Instagram account in which he immediately received various reactions.

Today’s “Instagram celebrity”, Livia Britoshared a postcard from his official account in which to date he has accumulated 7 million subscribers who did not hesitate to react in various ways to the postcard of the also interpreter of “Italian girl comes to marry”.

Livia Brito, in a souvenir photo celebrates Children’s Day. Photo: Capture Instagram

Same as in the vintage-looking postcard, Livia Brito Pestana appears at a very young age on the occasion of the celebration of Children’s Day last Saturday, April 30.

The one born on July 21, 1986, in Ciego de Ávila, Cuba, is “daughter of actor Rolando Brito” and the ballet dancer, Gertrudis Pestana, who inherited in their daughter the restlessness and love for the world of spotlights.

Happy Children’s Day! Never let go of that child you carry inside, laugh, enjoy, live every moment and let out that soul of a child you have, #liviabrito #happyday “child’s day,” reads the publication by the 1.72-year-old Cuban woman with colored eyes hazelnut.

In two postcards, the colleague of “Medical: Lifeline“He recalled some of his best moments in two images, one in which he appears with his parents and sister.

In a matter of seconds, the publication was filled with messages in which Livia Brito was filled with congratulations for this day.

“Happy Children’s Day my baby of light @liviabritopes, How beautiful, What a flabby thing my baby of light, How beautiful, I love you very much, So so precious, Happy day my beautiful, Aww what a beauty of photos, Happy day, What pretty, my baby of beautiful light we love you Livia”.

It is read in the comments dedicated to the remembered presenter of the reality show “Dancing for a Dream“, and in which the famous almost 36-year-old garnered 18,448 likes.

Currently, the actress, who is preparing for her new project by heading the soap opera “Woman of Nobody” herself, who works at full speed in the recording of the scenes.

There have been multiple occasions in which Livia Brito has shared behind the scenes in one of the videos she shares on Instagram, YouTube or Tik Tok, where the “theater actress” also enjoys great popularity.

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The “Cuban” melts all her fans with tenderness in a photo