The creators of Dark present their new and chilling series for Netflix

After unprecedented success, the streaming company wants to repeat the game on the high seas.

If you are a subscriber of Netflix for months, you should have seen by now Dark or, at least, know of its existence and know that it has been one of the last big hits of the platform outside of North American productions. You already know that in addition to the fantasy genre, there are codes to see hidden categories, the streaming service offers a wide variety of content, renewed every month. It will be shortly when a New serie seek to end our free time.

After Dark, its creators bet on marine mysteries with 1899

After Dark, its creators bet on marine mysteries with 1899. Twitter

If you are looking for new mysteries, 1899 is the series that will drive you crazy again

It is still early to know the impact that the proposal by Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar, creators of dark, but the trailer that Netflix has released, and that you can see below these lines, already prepares us to ask ourselves a thousand and one questions. It will be the day November 17 when we have the opportunity to enter a gigantic ship that, who knows, by chance of fate bumps into with a ship that he thought he was sunk.

There are many spectators who are eager to know the history that will be proposed in 1899since it seems that we will have a mixture of dramatic genre of epoch, thriller supernatural and mystery fantastic. The desire in the community is noticeable, since the trailer that we presented to you previously, in its English version, is already close to the 4 million views. It is curious to see how the story seems to focus on the passengers of the ship, who, since the action takes place in Europewill delight us with dialogues in German, English and some Spanish.

The casting has some Dark heritage, as is the case with Andreas Pietschmanbut we will also have one of the Elite actors, Michael Bernardeauor actresses of the stature of Emily Beecham. By the way, the synopsis that accompanies the first few minutes that we have been able to enjoy this European production is already stimulating enough to make us tear up. Netflix advances us:

On their journey across the vast and treacherous Atlantic Ocean, the Kerberos passengers encounter the greatest mystery they have ever seen. Welcome to ‘1899’, an immersive new series from the creators of ‘Dark’.

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The creators of Dark present their new and chilling series for Netflix