The collaborators of ‘El programa de Ana Rosa’, divided before Shakira’s new song: “It is easy to point to the other”

The new theme of Shakirain collaboration with rapper bizarreIt keeps our country divided. In the song, the Colombian does not hesitate to shoot at Gerard Piqué Y Clara Chiathe footballer’s new partner and with whom the FC Barcelona he was unfaithful

This Thursday, Ana Rosa’s program He has commented on some of the darts that Shakira has thrown at her ex-partner and Chía. From the Telecinco morning Social Club, the collaborators have also been divided. A) Yes, Bibiana Fernandez has highlighted that I was looking forward to dancing session 53.

For his part, Ana Rosa Quintana has stressed that “Piqué knew who he was with”, since Shakira is, according to the presenter, “a warrior woman”. Beatriz Cortázar has pointed out that the singer’s theme is “a literary license”: “The songs are full of references, as in Two-legged rat, the ones that the Jury sang to that undesirable man… All life, music and literature have had that inspiration and that license. To me It seems to me that Shakira hits the target, it is her artistic revenge, it is her therapy. It’s definitely going to be a musical hit.”

Bibiana Fernández has explained why Shakira also sings against Clara Chía: “Normally, any man or woman who separates, but I speak from the women’s side, that we are the ones who tell each other the things that happen. You always make the other person responsible, who is not to blame for anything, but you still love him. It’s much easier to signal to the other that you don’t give a damn.”

“We do not know what conversations they have had, what Piqué and Chía’s relationship and courtship has been like. Obviously, she blames the third a lot. It is true that it is an outlet, but Maybe he also has reasons because he was someone he trusted and suddenly…“, Cortázar has added. In addition, Marisa Martín Blázquez has commented that the song was recorded last August, “in the middle of the war.”

Regarding the fact that Shakira has used her profession to charge against the soccer player, Cortázar has pointed out: “Before, they were the ones who dedicated these kinds of songs to women.. Julio Iglesias dedicated to Isabella Preysler the famous Hey!“. Nevertheless, Alessandro Lecquio He has pointed out that, in his subject, Iglesias “did not say anything about Falcó”.

In the same way, the morning has analyzed some details of the song. Thus, Adriana Dorronsoro has stressed that, in one of the verses, the singer points “I am worth two out of 22”, a phrase that Shakira utters at minute 2:22 of the song. In addition, February 2 is the birthday of both the Colombian and the soccer player. The journalist has even stressed that the exact duration of the song is 3:33 minutes long and, coincidentally or not, Gérard Piqué’s number was number 3.

“For Shakira this must have been tremendously therapeutic,” said Joaquín Prat. The count, however, has been very critical of the lyrics of the Colombian song: “Attacking the third is a palette tantrum. One can explode in a moment, but a song has a long production process and everything that is said is very well thought out.”

In addition, Lecquio has added: “I love Shakira, but it seems to me that sins of arrogance and forgets the risks of spitting at the sky“. Finally, Bibiana Fernández has added: “What we are going to talk about for 20 days is this song”, to which Quintana has pointed out: “All the girls are already dancing it on TikTok”.

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The collaborators of ‘El programa de Ana Rosa’, divided before Shakira’s new song: “It is easy to point to the other”