‘The Boys’: the wild season 3 confirms that it is one of the best series on Amazon Prime Video

no one disputes that ‘TheBoys’ is one of the most popular original productions of Amazon Prime Video, to the point that the change in the premiere model applied at the time for the second season has been extended to many other series on the platform. Obviously, that is also maintained in the third installment of this adaptation of Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson what can we see from this 3 of June.

Unsurprisingly, the third season is a pretty direct continuation. of the secondand in its initial section, the situation of Patriota after knowing the reality about Stormfront, which forces the character played by Anthony Starr to adopt a somewhat more submissive attitude. However, it is clear that it is something temporary before his despicable personality takes over again.

A strong start

That is the main focus of interest of the first three episodes of the season that arrive on Prime Video this Friday, but, of course, ‘The Boys’ has many more open fronts called to have more importance in the future of events, especially everything related to the past and Soldier Boysomething that Carnicero and his men see as a great opportunity to fulfill their plans.

Do not understand everything that has been said as if the start of this third season could be somewhat slow or disappointing, since everything that characterizes the series is there from that impressive start with surprise included. Violence and gore do not lose weight in the least, nor do the reprehensible attitudes of superheroes who believe they are above all, being Especially brilliant is the moment when A-Train presents his plan to change his image.

Everything is there, but that inevitable tension called to end up exploding is growing little by little, reaching its climax right in that unexpected twist at the end of the third episode. Before we have seen unexpected alliances, betrayals and characters getting new information that leads them to rethink their current situations.

Setting the goals of your protagonists

The Boys Season 3 Homelander Butcher

Come on, this season start is for reposition their protagonists, clarify what their motivations currently are and also how far they are willing to go to achieve it. Said like this it may sound boring, typical of any series that is gaining a little time – how many times could we say that with each season of ‘Game of Thrones’?-, but it is that ‘The Boys’ maintains and even enhances that more visceral component, both in scenes that perhaps did not require it but that work very well and in those important moments in the development of the story.

There it is clear that the hand of Eric Kripke It’s vital to balance the need to introduce new information with ‘The Boys’ remaining fully recognizable. There the series could break in either of the two directions, but that satirical component helps to unite, making it clear once the figure of the superhero is far from being a role model. In addition, there is an opportunity to parody other very popular characters, but I can already tell you that the weight of Soldier Boy and company in this third season is, at least for now, reduced.

The Boys Season 3

As expected, Patriota and Carnicero are once again more important than the rest, the first trying to recover from a serious crisis and the second elucidating how far he is willing to go to fulfill his plans. All this adorned with bad drool, huge amounts of blood and a lot of fun, because in the end all the series is looking for is the latter.

In fact, the biggest surprise is that one of the subplots has a more emotional and delicate component, but also that at no time clash with the particularities of ‘The Boys’. It’s both a relief and a reminder of how monstrous everything that’s going on is, and also that not all characters have the same limits.

In short

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‘The Boys’ confirms with this wild third season that it is still one of the best original series on Amazon Prime Video. Everything that conquered us in its two previous installments is still there and it is also growing little by little instead of falling into the error of repeating itself, because one thing is to maintain its identity traits and another is to know how to handle them to maintain all its freshness. And the latter is what happens here.

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‘The Boys’: the wild season 3 confirms that it is one of the best series on Amazon Prime Video