‘The Boys’ continues to be addictive and fascinating: the 3×04 episode of the Amazon Prime Video series shows that no one is safe

We have reached the halfway point of the third season of ‘The Boys’and although the start has been a bit slow and there have been some clashes to be able to adjust to where the previous season left us, the series of Amazon Prime Video He still has a lot of wick ahead of him, he wins with each episode.

If the first three chapters have been the perfect exposition, with the fourth we have verified that nothing happens by itself in this series and that despite being predictable at times, ‘The Boys’ continues to be a fascinating festival from which it is impossible to remove the eyes above.

The Patriot Show

If things were already heating up in the first three episodes of the season, the fourth has put all the meat on the grill to show us that no one is safe, no matter how untouchable it may seem at first. The beginning with the first three chapters may have been more leisurely in order to consider everything that has changed since the end of the second season, but the good doses of action, blood and gore have been maintained and getting more with each episode.

Because ‘TheBoys’ It’s that series that, despite the disgust it can give you (especially with the gore gone bad) you continue with your face glued to the screen because it doesn’t stop being fascinating even for a moment.

The balance of power within Los Siete does not stop shaking and Patriota is ready to take the bull by the horns. Again Anthony Starr he nails every moment he’s wearing the cape on his back and it’s totally terrifying. Because he is a “bad guy” who is happy to hate, and a lot, and one of the best hooks in the series. If he was already an adversary to take into account in previous seasons, so far in the third Patriota is going without brakes and letting go of the little leash that was left to control him.

And eye, despite the fact that ‘TheBoys’ is raising the stakes more and more with the limits to which the characters can reach, we also see how it begins to take its toll on them.

disgust, gore and regret

From the outset, the series’ unlimited and full-throttle violence is one of its greatest attractions for those looking for “mature, dark, adult superheroes,” but precisely ‘The Boys’ is treating its protagonists with greater maturity by increasingly reflecting the consequences of all the violence they generate and how it is taking its toll on them.

We remain spoiler-free, but the fourth episode of the season has completely turned the situation so far and definitely makes it clear that no one is safe, neither inside nor outside of Vought, and that there is still much we don’t understand about the “Supes”. “and his powers. And of course, even if you see certain turns coming, ‘The Boys’ manages to continue surprising and shocking and continues to be a solid series that improves with each new season, establishing itself as one of the best titles on the Prime Video grid.


If there is something to be blamed for the third season, it is the sudden importance of Soldier Boy, because it has practically gone from not existing to being even in the soup and be the center of attention on several fronts. It is a forgivable “hole” considering that they are bothering to spin as much as possible to the character of Jensen Ackles within the mythology of the series and also the charisma that he wastes with the little that has been seen.

So with such a great and addictive start to the third seasonIt’s no wonder Amazon didn’t think too hard about renewing the series. This new round of chapters has practically just been released and we already know that ‘The Boys’ will have season 4…now it just remains to be seen what the season finale holds for us and how it leaves Butcher and the others going forward.

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‘The Boys’ continues to be addictive and fascinating: the 3×04 episode of the Amazon Prime Video series shows that no one is safe