The boy from ‘Two and a Half Men’, unrecognizable at 29

Known for his angelic face, actor Angus T. Jones got his start in show business as a baby. However, everyone knows him for his role as Jake Harper in the comedy Two and a Half Men, one of the most famous series on television, and which made him the highest paid child actor of his time, earning $300,000 per episode. .

In 2012, unexpectedly, he decided to leave the series. With strong religious beliefs, she withdrew from the cinema and decided to lead a life of anonymity. A few days ago, the photographers of page six managed to capture an image of the actor, who lives in California, and his appearance has nothing to do with what viewers will remember.

Angus T. Jones, with Charlie Sheen in ‘Two and a Half Men’.


In the images, captured in the Glendale (California, USA) neighborhood where Angus currently resides, who is now 29 years old; You can see how he has changed. Dressed in a simple gray cotton T-shirt, darker trousers and a red cap, the actor is totally unrecognizable and probably none of his former fans would look twice at him.

The actor, with a serious expression, was observing something outside his house with curiosity, oblivious to the cameras that were photographing him from a distance.

These are the first images of him that exist in more than a year, when he was captured in similar circumstances.

Angus T. Jones a few months ago.

Angus T. Jones, in 2022.

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Dedicated to his faith and other projects

The actor is not given to granting interviews, and he is not too active on social networks, where he is dedicated to showing his projects more than images of himself or his day-to-day life. Now, it is known that he enjoys a comfortable life thanks to the payment of royalties and image rights for the series, which continues to be broadcast worldwide. According to some portals, his fortune could amount to 20 million dollars, which allows him to continue working on the causes of his choice, such as the production and events company that he created in 2016, Tonite.

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The boy from ‘Two and a Half Men’, unrecognizable at 29