The biopic boom: five biographical series to marathon

A month and a half after its premiere, The love after Love keep on talking. That how good is the girl who plays Fabi, that if the fictional Charly García is successful or not, that the recreation of the time... There is something in the reconstruction of what has been lived, of what is known, of what is real that seduces on the other side of the screenin the midst of an avalanche of pure fiction.

Released on April 26, the series about Fito Páez is included in the ranking of the 10 most viewed on Netflix, and the phenomenon of the genre reignited its fire this Wednesday when the first images of Menem were seenthe production about Carlos Menem that will be broadcast by Amazon Prime video, with the protagonist of Leonardo Sbaragliain a spectacular characterization as the former president.

Waiting for that one -and for others that will give their first biographical signs this year- let’s go with a “Top five” of recommendations to see the weekend, Available on different streaming platforms.

There are five, chosen on a whim, from a huge offer that includes The Crown, Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, Luis Miguel, The Series, Pam & Tommy and the signatures follow…

1) Feud

Eight episodes, available on Star+

Ryan Murphy’s creation features impeccable performances from Lange and Sarandon.

Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange They give acting chair to compose two glories of cinema. Safety pin. They had no mercy. As the series does not have it with them. Everything is counted without concessions.

This is how it presents itself feudwhose first season deals with pettiness, jealousy, envy and grudges between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, two Hollywood divas who left their mark on the cinema and that now appear reincarnated on television through Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange. The four names are served at the table to make a feast. A festival of talent.

The script seeks to portray the time when Davis (Sarandon) and Crawford (Lange) began to feel that they were entering the sunset zone. The years were weighing on them, the gaze of others was no longer so sustained and the self-esteem of each one threatened to collapse.

With which, the “mutual rescue plan” began to be built so that they would have their chance of reinvention on the big screen, with…What happened to Baby Jane?the 1962 film, which ultimately had five Oscar nominations.

2) Love after love

Iván Hochman and Micaela Riera, as Fito and Fabi.

Iván Hochman and Micaela Riera, as Fito and Fabi.

Eight episodes, available on Netflix

Although it is no longer talked about as much as in its first weeks after its premiere, the biopic about the rosarino became a monotheme of talks in bars, in the office, in the newsroomat family gatherings. Many of his songs are emotional and personal hymns for more than one. And that makes one, in a sense, feel part of their story.

The Serie covers 30 years of the personal history and professional career of Fito Páezembodied in his childhood and adulthood by Gaspar Offenhenden and Iván Hochman, respectively. The story dives into data from a childhood not as well known to her fas as in his consecration as one of the most powerful figures in rock national.

Separate paragraph for the great work of Micaela riera in the skin of Fabi Cantiloinspiring muse of some of his hits, and one of the great loves of his life.

Andy Chango as charly garciaJulián Kartun in the skin of Luis Alberto Spinetta and Joaquín Baglietto fictionalizing his own fatherJuan Carlos Baglietto, are some of the performers who also participate in the production of eight episodes, along with the actors Martin Campilongo and Daryna Butrykas Fito’s father and as Cecilia Roth.

3) El chapo

Three seasons, available on Netflix

The series -complete on Netflix and, from time to time, an isolated season appears on cable- is Based on the life of Joaquín Guzmán, the Mexican drug lord known as “El Chapo”who became the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel.

The biopic is showing his upward path within the drug trade, while also slipping key personality traits. There is a good balance between the two approaches to a fearsome figure in Latin America.

In the role of “El Chapo” is the Mexican actor frame of the Owho had to undergo treatment to gain weight and thus be able to recreate the drug dealer.

The first season focuses on Guzmán’s beginnings in the drug business and his first arrest. It is a story of great narrative agility.

4) A Small Light

Eight episodes, available on Star+

Miep Gies, by the British Bel Powley.

Miep Gies, by the British Bel Powley.

Produced by Nat Geo, the series that Star+ premiered tells the life of Miep Gies, who was encouraged to hide the Franks, in the middle of World War II. And it became the woman who knew how to take care of the legendary diary of Anne Frank.

In A Small Light, the character of Anne Frank -whose dramatic story transcended borders and generations- is not the main one. And yet this fiction allows us to approach his story from another angle. From the eyes of Miep Gies. And, more than once, their own are filled with tears.

without intention of spoilthe series has a devastating start, narratively speaking, then decays into a certain repetition of the climate of the time and situation, and returns to intensify its story: a raw story about resistance, pain, death, loyalty and love in all its forms.

5) Dahmer

Ten episodes, available on Netflix

"Dahmer" swept streaming viewership last year.

“Dahmer” swept streaming audiences last year.

The Jeffrey Dahmer story was one of the most talked about and successful series of last year. Created by Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan, the original production of Netflix is ​​encouraged to undress the monster. A serial killer who left his mark.

Dahmer’s ten episodes show his inconceivable crimes and focuses on victims and institutional failures that allowed one of America’s most notorious serial killers to get on with his wave of murders with total impunity for more than a decade.

With praise and some inauspicious comments about the story, critics did agree on one thing: the brilliant and disturbing portrait that Evan Peters makes of Dahmera boy who grew up in a broken home and whoAdult killed 17 children and youth, many of whom were black and gaybetween 1978 and 1991.

In the sixty days after its premiere, exceeded one billion hours of viewing on the platforma milestone reached by only two other titles in the streaming service’s history: the squid game in 2021; and the fourth season of stranger things at the beginning of 2022.

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The biopic boom: five biographical series to marathon