The before and after of the gallants who moved away from television: this is what they do

These celebrities at the time enjoyed great fame and, despite having an ascending career in television, one day they withdrew from the artistic medium. Since then their fans have no longer heard from them, so here we tell you what happened to these celebrities.

In addition to being an actor, Magaña obtained a lot of popularity for having been the host of ‘Se vale’ between 2007 and 2012.

Six years later, he last stepped on the recording set with the role of Raúl Franco in ‘Por amar sin ley’ (2018).

Since then, he has chosen to start a streaming platform called Conekta-T online, where he is responsible for producing content on various topics.

Between 1990 and the early 2000s, the actor was one of the public’s favorites thanks to his performances in ‘Muchachitas’ (1991) or ‘My little mischief’ (1997).

Héctor Soberón retired from the screens due to the shortage of work in entertainment and now lives in the United States. He served as a lifeguard in Miami and later moved to Texas with his family, which is made up of Janet Duron and two of the couple’s daughters.

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Héctor Soberón reveals how much he earned as a lifeguard and the challenges he has had to find work

The actor and former model was well known for his roles in youth dramas such as ‘One Three Hill’ (2003), ‘A Cinderella Story’ (2004), ‘Gilmore Girls’ (2000), ‘A Crazy Friday’ (2003) or ‘The house of wax’ (2005). He also toured the catwalks of Tommy Hilfiger and Gucci.

Over time, the actor began to reduce his workload, which caused his fans not to see him as often in movies or on television.

In fact, in 2016, he took a break from the cameras and it was thanks to the character of Edgar Evernever, in ‘Riverdale’ (2019), who can be seen sporadically on the small screen.

‘Complices to the rescue’ (2002) was the children’s telenovela that catapulted the actor, who at that time was an 11-year-old boy, to fame.

Later, he proved to have the driving skills in ‘FAMA Code’ (2002-2006).

In 2008, Fabian Chavez it was part of the series ‘Central de abastos’ and some chapters of ‘Como dice el saying’. Since then he has not been seen with any more roles on television.

But this is not why he is far from the entertainment world, in Monterrey he ventured into the theater and also directs music videos.

Born in Costa Rica, Rojas began acting at the age of seven and at 22 he emigrated to Mexico in search of greater job opportunities. He participated in successful melodramas such as ‘Quinceañera’ (1987), ‘Teresa’ (1989) alongside Salma Hayek, ‘La sombra del otro’ (1996) with Edith González or ‘Amor real’ (2003).

His last role was in the 2017 movie ‘Awakening’.

Upon retiring from public life, he returned to his native country to have a more relaxed life with his new partner.

It should be noted that, in 2016, some media reported that the actor lived as homeless, but it was a tabloid rumor that Rojas himself denied via Facebook.

The actor is known for being the heartthrob of ‘Mean Girls’ (2004) Aaron Samuels. Of course, he also participated in other productions such as the sequel to ‘Cheaper by the dozen’ (2005), ‘Smallville’ (2005), ‘Love wrecked’ (2008) or as the host of ‘Cupcake wars’ (2015).

His last appearance in front of cameras was in 2018, as the protagonist of ‘Christmas made to order’.

The son of the famous actor Manuel Landeta practically grew up in front of the cameras, since he made his debut at the age of 6 in ‘Plaza Sésamo’ (1993) and, after a 22-year career, he chose to retire from the medium.

His last role was that of Julián Cisneros in ‘Amor sin reserva’.

Imanol Landeta He chose to pursue his career, Business Administration, so he is currently dedicated to beekeeping and agriculture.

On the other hand, he explored a new artistic facet with painting, since in 2017 his works were part of an art exhibition at the Franz Mayer Museum.

Find out what he did with the money he made on soap operas in the following video.

What did Imanol Landeta do with the money he earned on soap operas? The retired actor responds

The soap opera heartthrob He left the spotlight behind in 2017, as his last television appearance was as Alejandro Castillo in ‘Nada personal’.

This he did in order to lead a more spiritual life. She learned yoga and now attends events or radio shows to promote the benefits of meditation.

Currently Luis Alberto López, the actor’s real name, is married to a girl he met outside of the show business and together they had a girl named María Magdalena.

This American actor gained a lot of relevance in the late 90s and early 2000s for his roles in ‘George of the jungle’ (1997), the ‘The Mummy’ trilogy (1999-2008) or ‘Journey to the center of the Earth ‘(2008).

Since then he has slowed down his work rate by accepting sporadic jobs and even lends his voice to the character of Robotman in the series ‘Titans’ (2018) or ‘Doom Patrol’ (2019) of the DC universe for television.

Although Kristoff was born in Russia, from a young age he migrated to Mexico where he had his training at CEA (Televisa Art Education Center). She starred in the soap opera ‘Ramona’ and was part of the cast of ‘Matando cabos’ (2004).

However, his fans locate him for his work as host of programs such as ‘Valve of Escape’ (2005) together with Horacio Villalobos, ‘ID’ (2006) or ‘El show del Polaco’ (2008), the latter for Telehit.

Since then, his face has no longer been on the air, since he chose to follow his greatest passion: cinema. In 2017 he wrote and produced the movie ‘Loco fin de semana’ and a year later he directed the series ‘Macarena’ for the Netflix streaming platform.

Today, his followers can hear his voice through the video that he uploads to his YouTube channel, in which he works as a film critic.

Despite establishing himself as a ‘soap opera gallant’ thanks to his 27-year career in the artistic medium, Fernando Colunga has been away from the cameras for five years. In his case, ‘Pasión y poder’ (2015) was the last telenovela in which he participated as Eladio Gómez Luna.

Fortunately, in an interview for the Dominican program ‘Esta noche con Mariasela’ (2019) he explained that his retirement is still far away and that he is only enjoying free time as well as the evolution of his career.

“One has to learn that everything has its time. There are important roles for everyone. I think you just have to be located and not say: ‘You know what? I want to be an eternal heartthrob ‘, because that doesn’t exist, these are cycles. I have been clear for many years ”.

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The before and after of the gallants who moved away from television: this is what they do