The ball gave them a Bugatti Divo

It’s like the story of the cicada and the ant. An aristocrat and a friend of the aristocrat get along a commission of almost six million euros in a public contract for medical supplies at the height of the pandemic in Madrid. The friend polishes the part of him, which was the oldest, in a luxury apartment, three Rolex watches and, above all, sports cars. Many: 12. With names like Ferrari 812 Superfast, Aston Martin DBS Superleggera either Lamborghini Huracan Evo Spider. Two million euros in cars. the aristocratit will be by class, you only buy (only?) a yacht: a Eagle 44, registered in Gibraltar, which only costs you (only?) 325,515 euros. And, much more farsighted, he invests another 400,000 in bonds.

Some men – they are usually men and have gray hair – go crazy for sports cars. The Odyssey channel broadcast the British series Supercars (Secrets of the Supercars). 10 chapters that present us with those engineering jewels assembled in factories that do not look like factories, because everything is done in a very traditional way by brands such as those on the friend’s list or Pagani, Koenigsegg and Bentley.

After meeting the creators of the racing cars, the pilot of rally katie munnings he puts them to the test on airport tarmacs and they look like they’re going to fly away. The most expensive model that comes out in the first season is the Bugatti Divo, which has 1,500 horses, of which there are only 40 units and is worth five million euros. The mask commission only came to that if they had given up everything else: the yacht, the flat, the Rolexes…

It’s not easy to become suddenly rich. If you spend a lot of money on 12 sports cars, where do you put them? And, above all, how do you pay for everything they consume, their insurance, their maintenance? Exactly: with the next pitch. If you don’t get caught by the prosecution.

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The ball gave them a Bugatti Divo