The awkward silence of Benjamín Vicuña at Juana Viale’s table: “I had a slip”

This Sunday, among Juana Viale’s guests was Benjamín Vicuña. The actor is going through a great professional moment with many projects underway. Between the cinema, the theater, television and his five children, the Chilean has a full agenda and a busy head, which is why it is not strange that he has moments of fatigue.

In the midst of a dynamic chat about his most recent releases, Vicuña had a small mental lapse that generated an awkward silence at the table of having lunch with Joan.

“I am with The Grönholm Method”, he began by listing the jobs that keep him active. “We are doing very well, not only for me but for the entire Corrientes street. More than 50 thousand people a week are accompanying the shows, better than in the pre-pandemic. We are very happy,” he added.

Currently, the actor travels from Chile to Argentina often to keep his commitments up to date. “I move a lot,” he revealed before continuing to tell the rest of the guests what he’s up to. “I premiered a movie called Lie to Me, with Flor Peña. Eehhhh ”, he said, remaining silent for a few seconds and forcing Juana Viale to come to the rescue. “Flor Pena, yes. I had a slip”, he apologized and gave a nervous laugh before continuing to speak.

In the middle of the talk about the fabulous present that the theater is experiencing in Argentina, Vicuña recalled how badly they had it in the pandemic and confessed the great economic crisis that it had to go through with its theaters in Chile. The actor celebrated that “we have already come out of the worst” and said that only now is he “recovering from what he experienced.”

“In my case, seeing the audience and the people without a mask is exciting,” he said, moved. “We had a very bad time. I have five theaters, we went bankrupt and lost everything we had earned in 14 years”, he confessed. “Now we are rearming,” she added and joked with Viale about the “great partner” he has, referring to Gonzalo Valenzuela, ex-partner and father of the driver’s minor children.

In the middle of the program, the production aired a video where The actor’s three eldest children, the result of his relationship with Pampita Ardohain, recounted a memory lived with their father. Baptist, 14 years old; Beltrán, 10, and Benicio, 7, revealed some family anecdotes.

“Hello, dad, do you remember when we went with our grandmother to Chile and with Beltrán we collected and I found things under the pizza, everywhere,” began the youngest of the brothers, recalling the visit to a restaurant where the boys can play different attractions and accumulate tickets to exchange later for prizes. “When you helped me shoot in the bottle when we were with the crazy Tata. It was so much fun, I want to go back”, Said the boy, begging his father to take him once more to the place.

“Dad, we haven’t played soccer with my brothers in a long time!Go ahead! Take us a little while to play, even if you’re half old, but it’s still fun”, Beltrán joked.

Bautista, the oldest, became serious to recount one of the many afternoons he spent with his father on the field. “Pa, they told me that I had to record a video for you, that it was a surprise and that I had to say some memory that I had with you. He came to my mind when I was in a soccer tournament and you encouraged me from outside the field, and you bitched me and asked me to run and put an eggand in the end I had a very important play when the game was over and you were very happy, and it was because of your help”, said the eldest of the three.

Excited, and while drying his tears, Vicuña thanked the production for the video and assured that he is a father who puts a lot of passion into his children’s sports.

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The awkward silence of Benjamín Vicuña at Juana Viale’s table: “I had a slip”