The anime Paripi Koumei is being a success inside and outside of Japan — Kudasai

the japanese portal Yahoo! NewsJapan shared a portal article Real Soundwhich highlighted that the anime adaptation of paripi koumei (Ya Boy Kongming!) is having a great success inside and outside of Japan, especially for all the musical references that are included in each of the episodes.

«The television animation “Paripi Koumei (Ya Boy Kongming!)”, which is currently a topic of interest among anime and manga fans, as well as music fans, is a work with a strange setting in which Zhuge Liang, or Zhuge Kongming, a Chinese military strategist famous in various stories including the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, is reborn in present-day Shibuya in a younger form. The original story continues to be serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Young Magazine, and the franchise has already sold over 550,000 copies as of January 2022.».

«The manga has the advantage that you can always enjoy it at your own pace, since you can turn the pages yourself and go back to the previous section you were interested in, and you can watch the powerful extension as long as you want, but there is no voice acting in a printed work. One of the advantages of a popular manga becoming an animated series is, of course, that the characters have a voice and start to move, but there is also the advantage that a soundtrack is included. Whether it is a live-action project or an animation project, projects with excellent musical themes and dramatic accompaniment are easily remembered and remembered by people. In particular, “Paripi Koumei”, in which the representation of music is an important element, is a successful example of an anime adaptation that multiplies the appeal of the original work many times over.».

«The protagonist, Eiko Tsukimi, is a girl who works part-time at a Shibuya club and aspires to become a famous singer. When Kongming meets Eiko by chance, he is deeply impressed by her songs and decides to serve as her “military strategist” to make her dreams come true. The stage is a Shibuya club, and the characters that appear one after another are engaged in music, some are band vocalists, some are rappers, and so on. Of course, Eiko herself, with the help of Kongming, attends many musical events, so music is inevitably necessary in the production.».

«The animated version ofparipi koumei” has a series of references related to this music. 96 Neko (Hibiki Natsume), who sings Eiko’s part, is a good singer as she has released many original albums as well as anime songs, such as the theme songs for the television anime Flying Witch (2016) and Kuzu no Honkai ( 2017). The team’s “seriousness in music production” can be seen in the rap battle between voice actor Subaru Kimura, who specializes in hip-hop, as a charismatic rapper, and Avex’s music production, which is strong in both music Japanese as well as Western».

«The film’s opening theme, “Ciki Ciki Bam Bam,” is a Japanese version of a song sung by Hungarian singer Jolly nearly ten years ago. The theme, which successfully applied Japanese lyrics to “non-English Western music,” was embraced by viewers with a freshness and surprise not seen in conventional anime songs. The reverse of the title, in which Kongming dances to the rhythm of Eurobeat in a loose and fluid way, has also been well received, and the non-text video of “Ciki Ciki Bam Bam” uploaded to the official Avex Pictures YouTube channel has received 6.51 million views in just three weeks (as of May 2022). Even in Hungary, where the original song originated, Jolly’s music has been reported to have been used in Japanese anime, and it’s surprising to think that this topic is being talked about even across the sea. The original version of “Ciki Ciki Bam Bam” has also generated a synergy effect, appearing on the charts after a long absence due to the influence of “Paripi Koumei”».

«The ending theme “Kibun Joujou ↑↑” is also a cover of the song of the same name released by Japanese music unit Mihimaru GT over ten years ago, so just like the opening, some listeners may feel a strange feeling. emotional response, feeling both nostalgic and new. Also noteworthy are the nice backups of the title with the chibi characters Kongming and Eiko moving. The song “Kibun Joujou ↑↑” is sung by Ryoutarou Okiayu and 96Neko, but as the series progresses and new characters are added, the voices change and new characters appear in the ending sequence, allowing for minor changes. This video without credits has also been viewed 2.75 million times on the official YouTube».

«The unique setting of Chinese military strategist Zhuge Liang playing modern club music has been a big hit with foreign audiences, and the aforementioned uncredited opening theme video has received many favorable comments from overseas fans. “paripi koumei” is receiving a lot of attention not only in Japan but also abroad. What events are coming? Will Eiko be able to achieve her dream?».

Source: Yahoo! NewsJapan

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The anime Paripi Koumei is being a success inside and outside of Japan — Kudasai