The animated series ‘Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas’, release date and plot

    The Netflix movie Army of the dead raises the following question: What if the virus that gives life to Zack Snyder’s ‘intelligent’ zombies came from nothing less than the mythical Area 51, the ‘mysterious’ US Air Force base? Snyder does not tell us what has happened, but he does point out where the threat comes from, thus, dropping it like someone who wants the thing. Is this a government lab experiment gone wrong? An alien virus … maybe a spore they underestimated? An alien that bites a soldier? Or a soldier who bit an alien …? “It is not explained in the movie [el origen en el Área 51, no un señor mordiendo a ET]. It is only implicit, “said Zack Snyder during the promotion of the Army of the dead. “In the animated series that will serve as a prequel to the [primera] movie [de la nueva franquicia de Netflix] We will go to the end to explain this origin “, Snyder has announced, without wanting to reveal anything else. The series will focus on the origin of Scott (Dave Bautista) and on the efforts of his rescue team to protect all his loved ones during the first phases of the zombie outbreak in Las Vegas, which is what will have us hooked in the end. We are going to recreate the series in the summary of the origin of the heroes that flies before our eyes in the opening credits. Remember that In the end, we’re talking about Zack Snyder, the guy which led Martian Manhunter to talk to Lois Lane to comfort her and try to turn the page transformed into Martha Kent. But the best thing about the series is that it will also answer the question: What is so special that the origin of the Snyder Universe zombies is in Area 51? And he will show us how Zeus builds his Great Little Zombie Empire (PGIZ), which is the most interesting and why it is worth betting on this saga. Would there ever be competition for Zeus to deal with, or were all the zombies reasonably clear about who the Alpha male was? Since when do zombies fall in love (I mean beyond a young adult novel and its film adaptation)? And since when do zombies get pregnant? (Yes, Peter Jackson, yes.)

    In the end, for what Zack Snyder’s proposal stands out, for what this new universe is truly interesting, it is because of the Alpha zombie race. The idea of ​​intelligent zombies is not new, but the concept of zombies that organize and are capable of reaching border agreements with humans, that are organized into castes, that can decide not to eat and that even decide to copulate – because Zeus and It is clear that Queen Meeru coyundan-, thus mixed with a paramilitary and alien origin and set in Nevada, is what, deep down, distinguishes this idea from the rest of zombie movies and series. Are these zombies more civilized than the humans who created the Trumpian wall? I mean beyond craving for meat. And if that pregnancy had come to term, what would we have found? Well that’s left to him Army of the Dead 2.

    What do we know about the new series? Beyond what we have told you, we can tell you that, in addition to repeating all the actors of the Army of the deadJoining the cast are Joe Manganiello, who will play Rose; none other than Christian Slater, who will be Torrance (no idea who he is, but Slater is too much Slater to waste, although in the dubbing we will miss him, obviously), Harry Lennis as Boorman, Ross Butler as Chen, Anya Chalotra as Lucilia and Vanessa Hudgens as Willow. Jena Malone, Yetide Badaki, Christina Wren, Monica Barbaro and Nolan North will play Zeta, Queen Meeru, Nicole, Meagan and Clemenson. Thus, without context, it is impossible to know who they give life to, but if you think that they are all -except Zeus- characters from Las Vegas, the possibilities are endless. How will these humans behave as the virus progresses, bite goes, bite comes? In anime there are no rules, so Snyder and company – I also mean Shay Hatten, also responsible for John Wick 3: Parabellum, from which the scripts of this universe have come hand in hand with Snyder-, they have carte blanche. The crazier they get, the more we’ll enjoy the series.

    Think, for example, that they will have to tell us the origin of the white zombie tiger, a reference like a cathedral to the mythical show of Siegfried and Roy at the hotel -now closed- New Frontier. That there is a zombie white tiger in Zack Snyder’s undead universe, I tell you, it is not a coincidence. In the case of Siegfried and Roy, the tiger show ended like the Rosary of Dawn … since they don’t have to be faithful to what happened, Snyder and company can go very crazy with the tiger. And that tiger has to give us many moments of gore pleasure, tearing up left and right. I am imagining a kind of series free of restrictions like Invincible (and its final gore and what awaits us in season 2) as inspiration to unleash an animated madness. Please don’t hold back.

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