The 8 steps: he revealed his curious dream, they laughed at him and defended him on the networks –

editing the 8 steps Thursday left a new winner of 3 million pesos, but a young participant did not go unnoticed. Martin18 years old, not only had a good performance, being one step away from the final, but also surprised with the dream you want to fulfill.

Guido Kaczka He asked him what he would do with the prize if he won and he said: “I want to take an airplane pilot course because I want to be a astronaut”. The driver was astonished by the boy’s desire and commented on the slogan that he answered moments before: “And you got the one from the black hole…”.

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Out of curiosity, Kaczka asked him what he was studying. “I’m in a technical school, in my last year, and the specialty is electromechanical technique,” Martín told him, and the driver continued: “How does someone become an astronaut?”

“First you have to study any career that is related to science. It can be Physics, Mathematics, Engineering, Medicine, whatever, and then be an airplane pilot”, explained the young man who lost in the penultimate step. On how to be admitted, he commented: “You apply, you face the other candidates and they choose the best ones.”

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While Guido Kaczka continued to be amazed by the participant’s dream, Martín indicated the qualities he must have to be an astronaut: “You have to be good at working as a team, you have to withstand pressure and to know a lot”.

“Can you imagine up there, with two or three people, so far from your house?” Kaczka asked. “Yes,” the boy said without hesitation and the driver added: “If they tell you ‘go to space’ like Elon Musk does, would you go?” Martín responded again without hesitation: “Yes, one.” “It’s a vocation. Martin. It’s very good, “Guido encouraged him.


Social networks did not let go of Martín’s dream and the reaction of his opponents when he told it. It is that some, upon hearing what he wanted to be the young man, they laughed and users defended it.

“In Los 8 escalones there is an 18-year-old boy who said he wanted to be an astronaut and he laughed. I re-bank it”, expressed one and another limited: “The boy from The 8 steps who wants to be an ASTRONAUT. Please, I love him, don’t ruin his hopes.”

“The kid from The 8 Steps who wants to be an astronaut is a genius. Those who laughed go to the m…”, said another angrily to join the defense of the student.

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The 8 steps: he revealed his curious dream, they laughed at him and defended him on the networks –