The 8 best series that succeeded in the 90s and you can see them again in streaming

There was a time where the number of sets that were available to the public was not as vast as it is today. The concept had not even been implemented streaming as such, and the fictions issued their chapters weekly.

The 90s represented one of the most productive decades as far as television series is concerned, and although some of them have already fulfilled the 30 years since its premiere, They are still very present today. Besides, the platforms of streaming have served these fictions to find a second life many years after their finals.


The sitcom more famous of television history was on screen for ten seasons (1994-2004). A whole generation grew up with Rachel, Ross, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe and Joey, who left some of the funniest moments ever seen on the small screen. It can be seen complete (including ‘Friends: The Reunion‘) on HBO Max.

‘Friends’ protagonists


Before the Central Perk, the most famous bar on television was the Monk’s Cafe. ‘Seinfeldwas a real change in the comedy of the small screen, with characters as iconic as himself Jerry Seinfeld or Elaine, played by a Julia Louis-Dreyfus who became one of the leading comedians in the United States. Its nine seasons can be enjoyed on Netflix.

Throughout nine seasons, nine years and 173 episodes, Seinfeld was the home of glorious supporting actors –Jerry Stiller, Len Lesser, Wayne Knight, Estelle Harris or Liz Sheridan– and surprised us with cameos by the then unknown Bryan Cranston or Courteney Cox. . At its peak, before Larry David left the series, it had 38 million viewers a week. 38 million people who wanted to see those small problems with big consequences, that series about nothing that changed everything. Unforgettable Chapter: The Pitch [4x03]. “Everyone makes series about something! We will give them a series about nothing”.


In 1993 came to FOX a series that had all the ingredients to fail. In a country accustomed to comedies, it was very risky to create a series about a detective couple who try to solve the most paranormal cases. But David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson they conquered the public with their supernatural stories during 11 seasons (two of them released in 2016 and 2018), in addition to two films derived from this X-filesthat, next to ‘Twin Peaks‘, set the course for fantasy fiction. Is available on Disney+.


‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’

He ‘boom‘ of fantasy series led Josh Whedon to create in 1997 this fiction whose title perfectly explains its argument. Sarah Michelle Gellar chased these creatures for seven seasons in which fiction did not stop growing. Like ‘X-files‘, It can be seen fully on Disney +.

'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'
‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’

‘Doctor in Alaska’

If Paco Martínez Soria was disoriented when he arrived in the big city, in the United States it happened the other way around: indoctor in alaska‘, he Dr. Fleischman (interpreted by Rob Morrow) got out of place when he had to move from NY to a remote town in the largest state in the United States to practice medicine. The six seasons of the adventures of the young doctor are Available in Filmin.

The cast of 'Doctor in Alaska'.
The cast of ‘Doctor in Alaska’.


Before the unstoppable (and immortal) Meredith Gray came to the small screen, the doctor who conquered the hearts of viewers was none other than George Clooney. Dr Doug Ross, even though he was only in five seasons of the fifteen that the series lasted on the air, he was one of the most important television icons of the 90s. The day to day in the emergency room County General Hospital of Chicago can be seen on HBO Max.

‘The prince of Bel Air’

West Philadelphia grew a Will Smith who became a real star. During the six seasons (1990-1996) who made the whole planet laugh along with the Banks family, The prince of Bel Air became one of the most remembered series in television history, its 148 episodes can be enjoyed on HBO Max.

Will Smith-'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air'
Will Smith-‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’

‘Pharmacy open’

Not only in the United States were produced series that still remain in the memory of the spectators. in 1991 came to antenna 3 the story of a neighborhood pharmacy that conquered all of Spain (It is the most watched series in history).Pharmacy openbecame quite a phenomenon during its six seasons, which can be seen on Atresplayer.

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The 8 best series that succeeded in the 90s and you can see them again in streaming