The 6 best Netflix series of 2021 to devour this weekend

The streaming platform is the queen of VOD premieres. Review this list of recommendations to find out if you have seen them all or have any pending tasks.

What great series 2021 has given birth! In a year where cinema has once again been rocked by the pandemic and movie theaters have been limited most of the time, fans of good stories have found refuge on streaming platforms and, as they have been doing since Years ago, these companies have raised their stakes to offer subscribers worthwhile productions.

A proof is in this compilation of the 6 best Netflix series of 2021. It has been difficult to reduce the wide offer of its catalog to this small list, but, if we put aside new seasons such as You or fictions that everyone has seen as Lupin Y The Squid Game, we have as a result a small sample of what the VOD services are doing now. They are risky, original and different stories that would not have had a place on traditional television and that, nevertheless, have swept the small screen thanks to ‘streaming’.

Best series of 2021: the fictions that have starred in the year

Review these proposals to see if you are up to date with the most outstanding releases or if you still have a pending task. Of course, all these series are available in Netflix.

‘Heading to Hell’: Gripping Korean ‘Thriller’

We assume that The Squid Game You’ve already seen it – is there anyone who has managed to avoid temptation? – and, if your interest in South Korean fiction has opened up in you, we recommend that you watch Heading to hell. It hit the platform a couple of months after the phenomenon of the year and, although it has had its good handful of views, it has not reached the same level of success.

Other Netflix sci-fi series

The series makes a curious reflection about religious fanaticism and our behavior as a society. When supernatural events begin to occur in which apparently random people are dragged to hell after a countdown, everyone looks for answers to the inexplicable. A) Yes a powerful religious organization arises that ensures that the victims are sinners and establishes the dictatorship of fear.

‘The assistant’: the emotional ‘hit’ that nobody expected

The assistant It has been another of the most viewed series on the platform. With a plot about a battered woman and the difficulties she finds to prosper in life, the fiction unexpectedly became a true ‘hit’. After all, it presents a hard and emotional story, led by a protagonist -interpreted by the great Margaret Qualley– with which it is easy to empathize.

The series follows Alex, a young woman who dreamed of escaping her hometown, going to college, and becoming a writer. But her dreams are cut short when she becomes pregnant. She comes from a dysfunctional family and her partner mistreats her, so, after making the brave decision to flee, she finds refuge in a shelter for women in the same situation. She starts working as a cleaner and, although it is not the life she envisioned, she can at least give her daughter a future.

‘The director’: a ‘dramedia’ in 6 doses of 30 minutes

Sandra Oh won the affection of many viewers with her role as Cristina Yang in Grey’s Anatomy. As we try to accept that his return to the medical drama is never going to happen, we discovered jewelry like The director, where Oh shines and takes, deservedly, all the prominence. It premiered on August 20 and has remained one of the platform’s most prominent fictions ever since.

The actress plays Dr. Ji-Yoon Kim, the first woman to head the literature department at the prestigious fictional Pembroke University. He faces numerous challenges on his arrival at the job, starting with the difficult decision of having to fire three colleagues.

‘Midnight Mass’: horror and drama brand of the house

Mike Flanagan continues to add successes in his filmography and advance positions to become the absolute king of terror on the small screen. After The curse of Hill House Y The curse of Bly Manor, Flanagan leaves the world of haunted houses behind and begins to recount the adventures and misadventures of the residents of a remote island who are overwhelmed by supernatural events after the arrival of a new priest.

Midnight mass It is a very particular fiction that brings together all the features of Flanagan’s style while reinventing itself. The protagonism of personal dramas and unhealed trauma is still there, but the terror is transformed into something more everyday, as an entity that joins the lives of the inhabitants of Crockett and shakes all their values.

‘The snake’: passionate true story

In the mid-1970s, serial killer Charles Sobhraj was robbing and killing backpackers who came to Bangkok in search of adventure. He collected the identities of his victims to travel around the world, while, together with his girlfriend Marie-Andrée Leclerc, he sold the jewels to the highest bidder. Suddenly, a Dutch diplomat crossed his path to stop him.

Other Netflix suspense series

It may seem like fiction, but it is a true story that has been brought to the small screen through The snake. The fiction is based on good material, but the writing team manages to tell it to the audience in a fascinating way, adding a title that is worth seeing to this wave of ‘true crimes’ and criminal series.

‘Suppose New York is a city’: the great Fran Lebowitz

How could we live without knowing of the existence of Fran Lebowitz? After the premiere of Suppose New York is a city On Netflix in early 2021, the American comedian has become a benchmark for many who were completely unaware of her career. In this seven-episode documentary series directed by his friend Martin Scorsese we know this character in depth so as not to let him go.

Fran Lebowitz may have been a stranger in Europe, but she has been sweeping the United States for years with her biting and outspoken comments about anything that comes her way. Sports, education, restaurants, tobacco and, above all, the streets of New York are some of the topics that the series deals with with a great sense of humor and devastating reflections.

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The 6 best Netflix series of 2021 to devour this weekend