The 11-year-old girl who managed to flee from her abductor stained her with a toy so that the police could recognize her

By Elisha Fieldstadt – NBC News

The 11-year-old Florida girl who fought back against an attempted kidnapping Earlier this week at his school bus stop, he explained in an interview that he smeared part of the slimy, blue, plasticine-like toy he was playing with to make it easier for the police to locate the suspect.

His plan worked.

“I could put the slime in the upper arm, and a little at the bottom, “Alyssa told our sister network’s NBC News Today show on Thursday.

“I knew that could be better evidence if the police found it,” added Alyssa, adding that her quick thinking was inspired by watching the series with her mother. Law and Order.

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The girl had been mixing the slime homemade with blue paint while waiting for the bus near her Escambia County home Tuesday morning when a man pulled into a white car and ran toward her.

The 11 year old girl who managed to flee from her abductor

“The man got out of his vehicle with a knife in his hand, he came up to me and I tried to run, but he caught me, “said Alyssa (whose last name is not released to protect her identity).

A home surveillance video of the attempted kidnapping, which helped lead police to the suspect’s home, shows the man attempted to lead Alyssa to his car before stumbling and fleeing without her.

She fought and never gave up“Sheriff Chip Simmons said at a news conference.

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Alyssa told authorities that the same white vehicle approached her two weeks ago and the driver tried to talk to her. He reported this incident to his parents and the school principal.

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Now he says he feels “brave, proud and also excited. Brave and proud of myself. “

Jared Paul Stanga, 30, has been charged with attempted kidnapping of a child under 13 years of age.Escambia County Sheriff’s Office

The suspect, Jared Paul Stanga, 30, is charged with attempted child kidnapping and aggravated assault, and is being held on more than $ 1.5 million bail. His attorney declined to comment.