The 10 NBL participants are at risk of elimination and here are the phone numbers to support your favorite

adal: on the table sat thetension.giselle: that’s not easy at all.tension was felt throughout theI study, but it doesn’t end therebecause it’s time to meetwhat are the threatenedthe night after seeing hisperformance in the report inwhere the judges will take thedecision and I asked youpass to the center ofstage because we have aannouncement that will mark a before anda after in this dear judges, let’swatch.adal: thank you for giving me theword. in the names of mycompanions at this tablesworn to be the spokesperson for theannouncement of who are themembers of these 10 girlsbeautiful that are threatenedif I may, “gigi.”adal: all are threatened.adal: all are threatened.the public will have to vote forthe one you consider to be theno.giselle: that means thatthe 10 go to the vote of himpublic. I ask youthat they look for pencil and paper tothat you can write down thenumbers of each of themthat now they are going to parade incan vote for your favorite.with you the 10 finalistsof “our Latin beauty”.[aplausos][úsica][úsica][úsica][úsica][musica][musica][úsica]♪ Don’t you see that I just want to play ♪p[úsica][canta en ingés][úsica][úsica][úsica][úsica][úsica][úsica][úsica][úsica][úsica][úsica][úsica]giselle: that! how amazing.God, what a way to closethis program with a flourish.when the program ends it goesto call to support yourfavorite and if it is busy, forsupport your favorites with yourdigital vote entering“our beautylatina”.com/votevoting. it’s 24 hours fordo it.Girls, congratulations.good luck.thanks to our gueststhat I love.Alejandra, get better, mylove.see you next week andyou can’t miss what boyfriendof “our Latin beauty” in

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