TCL C935 under review: the questions you have sent us (and their answers) about this smart TV

A few weeks ago we ask you to send us questions about TCL Smart TVs. And after having been thoroughly testing the TCL C935, Today we bring you a video with all the detailed answers to the questions that you sent us.

Q&A of the TCL C935, in video

We start the video talking about the design and materials of the TCL C935, explaining what the TV stand is like and how it supports the weight of the TV, and its compatibility with wall mounts. Come on, you won’t have any problems seeing it the way you like the most.

You have also asked us about the speed of the television, to which we answer that it is one of the fastest and smoothest smart televisions we have tested. Because in the end, there is nothing more unpleasant than a television that takes time to respond to your actions on the remote.

In the video we will go in depth to answer all questions about the TV panel, detailing what its specifications and characteristics are. We also explain well what MiniLED technology is. We will explain all this in the video in the most detailed way possible.

We also tell you a couple of things that we talk about how the tests we have done with the television have been, with the positive and negative parts about what we have found in them.

Finally, we also answer the questions that you ask us about the ports that the television includes, with all its connections, as well as the performance of the television when using it to play. We also talk about its sound system and its sound quality.

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TCL C935 under review: the questions you have sent us (and their answers) about this smart TV