Tania Rincón confesses why they removed her womb

Tania Rincón has proven to be quite a warriora, in an interview the beautiful host confessed the reason why they removed the womb. Currently, cancer is one of the diseases that causes the most deaths per year, and Tania was saved, she says that what alerted her were strong colic

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It is not easy to find out that you have cancer, for Tania, this was very strong, she could not assimilate that they removed her womb. The driver explains that she was scared when she realized that she would not stop lowering him, so she chose to go to the doctor, to her surprise, she realized that she had a fibroid.

In an interview with Yordi Rosado, Tania mentioned that such painful cramps are not normal. She was inflamed too much, she was in bed for a long time: “She suffered a lot from colic, by the way, the women who are watching this, colic is not normal, you have to be checked, because yes, I suffered a lot of colic, a lot of inflammation”.

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“A fibroid is like a kind of tumor, it was even so big that it was already hitting my abdominal wall, they had to remove the entire matrix,” revealed the host of “Today.”

She had no choice but to remove the womb, she was already the mother of two children. “Although it was already a decision that was super clear to me, it did affect me, if I lived it a little, like a duel, because it was clear that I no longer wanted to be a mother again, but it was difficult, complicated,” he revealed.

“I felt that the world was collapsing on me, I had boasted that I was a super healthy woman, I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I exercise, I always take care of myself, I didn’t understand, I had a very bad time, they were complicated days, apart from I didn’t I told no one.”

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Tania Rincón confesses why they removed her womb