Tania Rincón almost became a nun: “I felt the call of God”

  • Tania was a rebellious girl who was not afraid of fighting with children.
  • It was her mother’s friends who suggested that she enter a nun’s school.

In the most recent broadcast of the ‘Interview with Yordi’, the famous host Tania Rincón attended, revealing details of her religious upbringing, which allowed her to experience desires to live in a more spiritual way.

And it is that she confessed that as a child she was very bothersome and rebellious, so much so that one day she hit a blow with a child in order to defend a friend, which was cause for alert for her parents:

“When I was in first grade one day they spoke to my mother because I had a fight with a boy who bit a classmate on the leg, it belonged to one of my best friends and Ernesto arrives and bites her leg, that is, but he he sinks his teeth into the leg and I said: ‘No, what happened, that is, my friend is not going to touch her’, I fought with Ernesto,” he said.

It was due to her mother’s friends who chose to send her to a religious school and they told her that it would be the only way to contain her: “The mothers are going to control her because maybe she is very aggressive and no, no, no better, take her with the nuns and I, well, I was super little, I didn’t even know about the change, they changed me from second grade to third year of high school.”

Tania Vanessa Rincón Sánchez, better known as Tania Rincón, is a host and presenter known for her work on the morning show Venga la Alegría.

Rincón recounted that while at said school, the desire to fully integrate into religious life arose in her, and she also added that she has always liked being a leader, which is why she liked to be present in everything:

“Yes, because then I was a very small leader, then I was the leader, well, like the rebellion at school and what president, that is, I wanted to do everything, so it was like the idea of ​​being a mother, it was Mother Beatriz’s and is that he said that she was a born leader,” he said.

Thanks to this, they began to take her to missions and spiritual retreats to Zamora, where the greatest consecration was. When she told her parents about her new wishes, they made fun of her and they reminded her that she was a person who loved her. liked having boyfriends:

“My parents laughed at me, because they told me: ‘Oh, how are you going to be a nun!’ And I didn’t say yes, it’s that in this retreat I felt that if I was listening to the call, I better go home with Jesus, that is, never anyone, I was believing it a lot,” he said.

winner of "Come the Joy Academy 2014".

However, he admitted that the desire to continue having boyfriends won him more:

“But I liked boys more, so that won me over. In the first year of high school I was still in the nuns’ school, in the second year of high school I’m leaving, but I, that is, in what he told you about, I never stopped having a boyfriend, or I always had my little boyfriends,” he concluded.

In 2006 she was the winner of the contest "Our Beauty Michoacan"thanks to which he won the opportunity to compete that same year in the contest "Our Beauty Mexico"in which he was a semifinalist.

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Tania Rincón almost became a nun: “I felt the call of God”