Sylvia Pasquel breaks down in tears for criticism of Silvia Pinal in her play: “You have the right to live”

Silvia Pinal’s eldest daughter exploded against those who point out her and her brothers, Luis Enrique Guzmán and Alejandra Guzmán, for agreeing to let her mother go on stage at her advanced age and when she is not in optimal conditions to work.

In an interview presented by the program ‘Ventaneando’, Sylvia Pasquel said through tears that she was “fed up” and “tired” of what is said about her family and what has been published in the media in recent days about her mother after the presentation of the play in which he was seen with mobility and speech problems.

“And the first thing they do is take out the note: ‘Look how she is, look how they have her, the children exploit her, ‘let’s see, why didn’t she come back yesterday if she’s resting in Acapulco?’ In other words, people from shows who don’t even know what you’re doing as an artist and who give themselves the luxury of speaking and giving their opinion and saying: ‘she would have come back yesterday, if she’s a jerk in Acapulco.’ I’m already fed up! They always grab me to clear all the notes and I am already tired”he pointed out on May 12.

Sylvia Pasquel affirms that Silvia Pinal has “the right to live and be happy”

Dismayed and visibly upset, Pasquel spoke of the journalists who have questioned her and her brothers for supporting the decision of the iconic actress to go on stage, an idea that arose as a result of Silvia Pinal’s depression for not being working .

They never speak well of my family, nothing suits them. No one is here, no one comes to see my mom, who talks to her on the phone? Who invites her out of it? None of those who are speaking ill of her and the decision for my mother to do the play are here. Save it? Not even a piece of furnituremy mother has the right to live and has the right to be happy, I am not going to keep her in a bed or in a room so that she dies watching television sitting on a reposet, “he added.

He insisted that those who give a negative opinion are those who do not know the hard times that the legend of cinema, theater and television has gone through. “(No one goes to) see her, to help her, for when she is sad and depressed, no one is here. But how they criticize and talk, ”she expressed.

She pointed out that Doña Silvia Pinal makes her happy to be on stage and that it is her motivation. “She likes it, she wants it, when you tell her ‘let’s go to the theater’ she gets excited, she gets happy. Why am I going to take away that taste? They do not maintain it, they do not procure it, they do not seek it. What the fuck are they entitled to an opinion! ”, she exploded.

Regarding whether she will continue in the work, she replied: “So that they are only criticizing her, speaking pests about one? Maybe I’d rather have her sitting down.”


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Sylvia Pasquel breaks down in tears for criticism of Silvia Pinal in her play: “You have the right to live”