June 10, 2021

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Susana Giménez has coronavirus

Susana Gimenez has coronavirus
Susana Giménez currently resides in Uruguay
Susana Giménez currently resides in Uruguay

Susana Giménez has coronavirus, as confirmed by his brother Patricio in dialogue with Teleshow. The news was initially released by journalist Ángel De Brito through his Twitter account, where he explained that the driver had had symptoms compatible with Covid on the day she was vaccinated in the Eastern Republic of Uruguay, where she currently resides. For that reason, he swabbed himself and the test came back positive.

Gimenez had received the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine on April 24 and the second, on Thursday, June 3. The diva went to get vaccinated accompanied by her daughter and made statements to the Uruguayan media that they were waiting for her. “They have a fantastic president. It is a different country ”, He assured the media when he arrived at the scene, referring to Luis Lacalle Pou. And of course, before retiring, photos were taken with the nurses who were in charge of the vaccination operation.

The daughter of the diva, Mercedes Sarrabayrouse, a swab was also carried out because she was a contact with a covid case and the result showed that she had also contracted the virus. On the other hand, Patricio Giménez, the driver’s brother, had no contact with his family in recent days. However, on Tuesday, June 8, the preventive test was performed by another contact and the result was negative.

Mercedes Sarrabayrouse and Susana Giménez
Mercedes Sarrabayrouse and Susana Giménez

Rodolfo Barili, at the beginning of the Telefe newscast this Wednesday, commented: “Susana is at her home in Uruguay. He has some symptoms, but he is coping well ”. For her part, Cristina Pérez recalled that the artist “tested positive a month and a half after receiving the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine and a few days after receiving the second.”

For his part, Nelson Castro on Telenoche stated that the diva should have a mild illness. “It is very important to know when the first dose was given. After the first 10 days of being vaccinated, the antibodies already start to be generated ”, remarked the doctor.

Installed in Uruguay since March last year, when the quarantine was decreed, in a recent radio talk with Jonathan Viale she said: “I don’t want to go back to Argentina. My house does not have the air like here. I miss some things and my friends ”. However, he clarified that his decision is not final. “I think that if this is fixed, I would go back. But I don’t want Argenzuela. I will not return to Argenzuela. I worked a lot in Venezuela and tears fall … People are depressed, there is no work and work is the main thing. You cannot live off a bonus, from begging. It is not like this. The culture of work was lost ”, he pointed out, and generated controversy with his sayings on politics.

The day Susana Giménez received the first dose of Pfizer

In addition, on that occasion, he was happy to learn that Mirtha Legrand had been given the second dose of the coronavirus vaccine, to later ensure that he does not know when he will return to TV.

Both Susana and her close family have been living in Punta del Este since May 2020, when the strictest section of quarantine was passing in Argentina. He had planned to return to Buenos Aires for work commitments in the coming days, which will be postponed since he will have to carry out the corresponding quarantine at his La Mary mansion.