Survivor Mexico 2022: Who is Catalina Blanco? Curious facts that will leave you shocked


Find out who Catalina Blanco is from Survivor Mexico 2022, a participant who was considered the weakest, but now shows her strength.

Who is Catalina Blanco from Survivor?
© TwitterWho is Catalina Blanco from Survivor?

More than just one more participant of Survivor Mexico 2022. Find out who Catalina Blanco is, how old she is, what she does, how tall she is and more curious facts that will make you understand how to go from being one of the weakest rivals, now she is on her way to victory.

Since the first chapter of Survivor Mexico 2022, Catalina Blanco caught everyone’s attention. The former member of the Jaguar tribe has managed to win over thousands of followers who consider her one of the best participants of the season and many others who do not have very good esteem for him.

However, one of the most characteristic details of this participant is that not much is known about her, because despite the fact that the most of the participants have worked in other Azteca productionsLittle has been shared about Blanco’s life before coming to this reality show.

That’s why we’ve compiled some curious facts about Catalina Blanco that will surely help you to get to know this participant better.

Curious facts about Catalina Blanco

  • He was born in Colombia
  • He is 38 years old.
  • He has a daughter named Vittoria.
  • She is a television producer and her specialty is audiovisual production, especially in cinema.
  • His dream is to produce his own reality show.
  • She was eliminated from Survivor Mexico 2022 on Friday, July 22, 2022, and returned on Wednesday, August 3.
  • Despite being voted as the weakest contestant of the Jaguar tribe of Survivor Mexico 2022, now Catalina is one of the spoiled to win.
  • She is one of the participants to whom the most memes have been made.

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Survivor Mexico 2022: Who is Catalina Blanco? Curious facts that will leave you shocked