Successes that return, formats that are renewed and more: the Uruguayan television that is coming in 2023

By Nicholas Lauber
Several successful programs and some premieres will animate in 2023 the Uruguayan televisionwhich has already begun to shake its new season.

Some of these innovations are already on the grid, such as the
second season of the Argentine reality show El hotel de los famosos
, which is broadcast on Channel 4 (and which in the neighboring country has just changed its schedule, from prime time at 6:00 p.m.; here it will continue at 10:45 p.m.); the summer edition of the wheel of luck that began last week on Channel 12, and the program Nightmare in the kitchen.

Others are added for these hours. Today the sports cycles of La Tele and Channel 10 return, sports Center Y Penalty Point, also the debate program Polemica in the bar; and tomorrow, Monday, the magazine returns to Channel 10 the afternoon at home (at 2:30 p.m.), again with Paola Bianco and Aldo Martínez in front, despite some
transcended that augured changes

Also tomorrow, Channel 4 will have a great launch. will launch a renewed telenochenow led by
jaime clara
, accompanied by Viviana Ruggiero and Emilio Izaguirre, and there will be a new aesthetic and focus for your news. There is a lot of expectation.

And with the arrival of Clara to the central edition of the newscast, the magazine Good day, which he was leading, will be provisionally led by Daniel Nogueira and Martín Fablet. Next, an overview of what will come in the channels for the first semester.

In February the recordings of the pastry chefs contest begin Bake Off, which will return to the screen in March with its third season, and will once again have Hugo Soca, Sofía Muñoz and Rose Galfione as judges. That month the journalist will also return Watchword hosted by Ignacio Álvarez, and the Uruguayan version of the entertainment format Now I fall!with Gustaf as its presenter.

Also for March there will be news regarding the conduction of the first edition of Teledia behind the
departure of Nicolás Núñez
. And there will be new episodes of the the fair price led by Luis Alberto Carballo.

Program Image "the fair price".  Photo: Diffusion

Image of the program “The fair price”. Photo: Diffusion

In addition to the return of Penalty Point, controversy in the bar Y the afternoon at homethis Friday at 11:00 p.m. the series of interviews will premiere My house is your housewho also drives
paola white
who will receive in his home figures such as Laura Canoura, Ruben Rada, César Troncoso, Cristina Morán and Roberto Musso.

And for this semester the launch of the first season of The voice Kids, which will have Agustín Casanova, Valeria Lynch, Julieta and Rubén Rada together as jurors, and another jury not yet announced. For later there will be a cycle of The voice of adults, but it has not been confirmed if Natalia Oreiro will be in charge of these formats again.

The one that for now has no return is Got Talent Uruguay.

yes it will come back Masterchef: Celebrityit’s ready
filming and with the revealed identity of several participants

Lucas Fuente, Paola Bianco and Aldo Martinez.  Photo: Estefania Leal.

Lucas Fuente, Paola Bianco and Aldo Martínez in “The afternoon at home”. Photo: Estefania Leal

La Tele began showing its news last week with the premiere of the Spanish reality show Nightmare in the kitchen and with new days for the mood cycle It’s Columbus’s fault. In addition, today the classic returned sports Centeronce again with Federico Buysán and Rodrigo Romano.

For this first half of the year there will be the new version of the successful telenovela Marshland, now with Alanis Guillen, Murilo Benicio and Juliana Paes as the protagonists. The Mexican telenovela will also premiere The stepmotherstarring Aracely Arámbula and Andrés Palacios.

It is a fact that a third season of the reality of grills will arrive Holy firebut now with the novelty that 18 celebrities must demonstrate their skills on the grill.

And on the horizon is the
second season of Who is the mask?
where a new group of celebrities, local and international, will try to sing, dance and also hide their identity thanks to nice costumes.

According to El País, there are several more projects in development.

Who is the mask?

Ice cream and Maxi De la Cruz in “Who is the mask?”. Photo: Diffusion

Public channels will announce their news in the coming weeks. Since tv city El País was told that this year there will be new seasons of practically all its cycles, including The village with Diego Gonzalez the fine print with Maite Sarasola and Jorge Temponi, Let’s cook with Lucila Rada, and crossed ideas with Ricardo Pineyrua. In addition, programs will be added that will lead the
New additions
: Fito Galli, Valeria Tanco and Florencia Infante and Yamandú Cardozo.

Thus, with the return of successful formats, some novelties, premieres and some secret, the channels seek to bring Uruguayans together in front of the television for another year.

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Successes that return, formats that are renewed and more: the Uruguayan television that is coming in 2023