‘Stranger Things 4’ will be like ‘Game of Thrones’

Netflix’s first original production was lilyhammer (2012-2014), a little-known Norwegian series that, in this sense, is far from other later ones such as House of Cards (2013-2018) or stranger things (since 2016). The latter has always been one of his greatest hits. Sixty-four million users, and company, of the platform streaming they decided to devote their leisure time to season three for the four weeks following its release.

So continuing with this sci-fi horror story of Matt and Ross Duffer is a safe bet for the entertainment company. Although they both wanted compare its fourth season with Game of Thrones (2011-2019), television fiction by David Benioff and DB Weiss that adapts the novels written by George RR Martin (since 1996) on HBO. Because this idea should not lead us astray: it has nothing to do with the controversy over its final episodes.

“We jokingly call it our season of Game of Thrones because it is very scatteredso I think that’s what’s unique or most unique about it,” says Matt Duffer in an interview for dead line with his brother and actress Winona Ryder, whom we know well from her Lydia Deetz from beetlejuice (1988), the Kim Boggs of Edward Scissorhands (1990) or his May Welland of The Age of Innocence (1993) and returned to fame thanks to Joyce Byers in stranger things.

‘Stranger Things’ and ‘Game of Thrones’: a reassuring resemblance


“Joyce’s family and [Will] Byers left at the end of season three. They are in California; we always wanted to have that suburban aesthetic to the style ET [1982]which we were finally able to do this year in the desert”, continues the American filmmaker.

“And then we have Hopper in Russia; and then of course we have a group that remains in Hawkins. so we have these three stories, all connected and interwovenbut they are very different tones”.

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‘Stranger Things 4’ will be like ‘Game of Thrones’