“Stop pulling my mom”: The scandal revolves around Silvia Pinal

Silvia Pinal would have been affected after a family fight according to what would circulate in an audio where a discussion can be heard, a person of his “trust” would try to hurt the “Mexican politician”, here the details.

The “Mexican actress” , Silvia Pinalcurrently 90 years old, would have been about to be attacked in the middle of what seemed like a family-type altercation, which would lead to the “theatre actress“will remain in a serious risk, circulated.

In recent years, the “Mexican film diva” has been in the eye of the hurricane due to various controversies related to his family and his return to the theater in the play: “Little Red Riding Hood: What’s up with your grandmother!”

Now, it transpired, that the famous Louis Henry’s motherAlejandra Guzmán and Silvia Pasquel, would have been in danger after circulating an audio where their son, Luis Enrique is heard arguing with Mónica Barbán from whom he would “defend” the “first actress”, for a few seconds he is heard saying: “Let her go” , while Pinal Hidalgo is heard saying “Luis Enrique!”

In a brief audio that circulated in a well-known show program, “the insults, jalones and v!ol3nc!a” can be heard in the recording in which Barbán would respond “furiously and with insults, according to what was presented in “First hand”.

Stop pulling my mom, let her go, you can hear the sound forcefully, at the end, a voice responds forcefully, ‘Don’t mess with me’

After making this situation known, this unleashed a wave of comments among those who reported that Mrs. Silvia Pinal would have been assaulted, later her son explained the details.

The son of the “acid in Heroica, Guaymas”, on September 12, 1930, described that Mónica would have gone to visit her mother but in a “very aggressive” attitude, as she commented, I opened the door for her and she told me:

“What? So very defiantly, I told her, no, I just have to tell you that my sisters and I decided to leave the theater. (She replied), Ah, but they liquidate me, huh,” Luis Enrique told the journalists. who approached him to clarify the details of the recording.

The only son of Silvia Pinal Hidalgo, reported that his response in the audio was while defending his mother, hinting that he could not allow other people to take advantage of his good will, so he even ran this person out of the house:

For my mother and my family I give my life and it is not fair for people to take advantage of their nobility, commented the son of Enríque Guzmán.

This, after she assures, Mónica Barba was very insistent since she wanted to speak alone with the interpreter of successful films such as “Viridiana”, “The Exterminating Angel” and “Simón del Desierto”.

As shared by the descendant of Silvia Pinal, this could be counterproductive for the health of her mother, who in the midst of the struggle could have been injured.

Me defending my mom because this lady wanted to take her by force or wanted to take her out to talk to her alone, I told her ‘you can’t be pulling my mom’, the discussion would get to the point that “she almost knocked her out of the chair” , noted the son of the famous.

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“Stop pulling my mom”: The scandal revolves around Silvia Pinal