Stephen Curry’s mockery of LeBron James on live TV seen by more than 3 million people


During the 2022 ESPYS Awards, Stephen Curry taunted LeBron James on live television that was watched by more than 3 million people.

LeBron James and Stephen Curry
© Ezra Shaw/Getty ImagesLeBron James and Stephen Curry

The greatest of the sport had a new appointment in the recognized ESPYS Awards, from ESPN, and for the 2022 edition, the organizers chose Stephen Curry as the presenter. And as! He comes from being the most important player in the 2021-22 NBA season.

Golden State Warriors spent two seasons without qualifying for the Playoffs, but Curry put the team on his shoulder and after averaging 31.2 points per game in the 2022 NBA Finals, ‘The chef’ he won his first grand finals MVP award.

Stephen Curry He warned him in an interview with the Complex Deportes portal and fulfilled: “You’re going to get some good jokes, how about that? I don’t know who the targets will be. Obviously those who are close to me in basketball. Some Teammates I’ve had or people I know personally.”

Lights, camera and… Action! The ESPYS Awards 2022 they put the first gear under the leadership of Curry and one of the first jokes (jokes) was for nobody else and nobody less than Lebron James: the first player of the NBA who led these awards. Yes in the 2021 edition, 3.9 million people watched this ceremonycan you imagine how many witnessed Stephen’s prank live ‘King’?

Curry’s mockery of LeBron that more than 3 million people saw

The 2017 NBA Finals faced a Golden State Warriors team that had Kevin Durant as a star reinforcement against the current league champion: Cleveland Cavaliers. The team led by Lebron James could do little and lost in five games (1-4), but ‘The king’ was chosen to present the ESPYS Awards that year. Stephen Curry He remembered it and in what way.

“I’m the second NBA player to host this award show, which is kind of crazy to think about. LeBron James hosted this award show in 2007 after losing in the NBA Finals. Then yes. This feels better, this feels better!” said Stephen Curry at the 2022 ESPYS Awards.

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Stephen Curry’s mockery of LeBron James on live TV seen by more than 3 million people