Sony presents new Bravia XR 2022 TVs with QD-OLED and Mini LED panels

CES in Las Vegas is a milestone date for many consumer electronics companies, and Sony is one of them. The Japanese firm has announced the new series of televisions that will arrive throughout this year: the Sony Bravia XR from 2022. They inherit some of the key features of last year’s models. Among them, the Sony XR cognitive processor or the possibility of playing content in 4K at 120 Hz. However, they also add new features that promise to significantly improve the viewing experience, such as the QD-OLED technology and Mini LED, spatial audio or a series of new accessories.

One of the most important novelties of the new Sony Bravia XR of 2022 is the inclusion of the screen QD-OLED in some of the models that will be available throughout this year. Specifically, the QD-OLED panels combine Quantum Dot technology and OLED to achieve a number of benefits, such as better shine. Sony, in fact, ensures that its televisions with QD-OLED screen are capable of offering up to 200% more brightness compared to other conventional TVs. These types of screens can also offer better contrast and colors compared to OLED screens.

Sony has also bet on Mini LED displays on some of their more premium televisions. The company highlights this display technology as a evolution of Full Array LED and that offers, in general, better brightness and contrast. The Mini LED screens also eliminate shading in the darkest areas, offering purer tones and without reflections thanks to one of the functions of the XR processor.

So are the Sony Bravia XR 2022

Regarding the new range of televisions, Sony has opted for 8 models of the Bravia XR range. Three of them are positioned in the range called ‘Master Series’, and include truly advanced features, such as panels with QD-OLED, OLED and Mini LED technology, improvements in contrast, color and resolution thanks to the XR cognitive processor, spatial sound and additional functions, such as the possibility of activating a camera for video calls or improving the experience when watching television. These are the 2022 Sony Bravia XR Master Series models.

  • Z9K Master Series 8K (Mini-LED): available in sizes 85 and 75 inches and with the possibility of changing the position of the base to, for example, include a sound bar.
  • A95K Master Series 4K (QD-OLED): available in 65 and 55 inches with two positions for its base.
  • A90K Master Series 4K (OLED): Same features as the A95K, but with a 48- and 42-inch OLED screen. It includes the possibility of raising its base for a more comfortable position when playing.

In the Premium range, Sony bets on Mini LED technology and 4K resolution for two of its most balanced televisions, the A80K, which are available in 77-inch, 65-inch, and 55-inch sizes, and X95K, with sizes of 85, 75 and 65 inches. The X90K model, on the other hand, opts for a Full Array LED panel, but maintains the improvements in color and contrast thanks to Sony’s XR processor. In this chaos, with sizes of 85, 75, 65 and 55 inches.

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Sony presents new Bravia XR 2022 TVs with QD-OLED and Mini LED panels