Son of Mario Bezares speaks for the first time about the “paternity” of Paco Stanley

Alan Bazaarsthe son of Mario Bazaars appeared in the documentary that recounts some things in the life of Paco Stanleywhich is titled ‘The Show: Chronicle of a Murder’where he speaks for the first time about the theories in which it is ensured that this was his real father and that this was the reason why his real father would have planned the attack against the television host, so his words immediately They caused a stir on social networks after this information was released.

In the first instance, allan He confessed how he realized this situation, because apparently a teacher maliciously told him that his real father was not Mario Bezaresleaving this comment in shock, because at that time the boy would be between 10 or 11 years old.

This made the young man investigate on the internet on his own whether this was true or not, and it was there that he discovered what was said about his family and his origin.

It is the first time that I speak thisI want to emphasize that this represents facing a problem that I have never faced before. A lie was repeated so many times that it became true, a teacher got very angry because I was very annoying, she told me: ‘sit down’ and I was like this: ‘make me, who are you?’, and she says: ‘it’s just that sure you’re mad because your dad is not your dad‘ and he didn’t tell me anything else and well, you do your research, as a child you go to Google and you as a child stay up at dawn reading everything you find and pretend that it’s like grabbing your heart and being like that (beating it) because who is my family?

Alan Bezares doubted who his father was

On the other hand, as allan He continued to talk about the subject, he also revealed that when describing everything that was happening, he complained to his parents for not having told him before what happened, in addition to indicating that he felt a little guilty about his father’s imprisonment, but what impacted him the most of all this is if in reality Mario Bezares whether or not he was his real father.

You are not the son of Mario Bezares, there it says no and that your dad killed him for that very reason, do you know the guilt that fell on a ten-eleven year old boy? That because of you, your father was accused of a murder, it’s that your mother messed with paco stanley and your dad caught them and I don’t know what and that you’re his son and your dad couldn’t live with that and he killed him. Arrive with your parents and tell them ‘why didn’t they tell me this?’ with courage, right? If I, as a son, got on the internet and doubted the truth about him, what will become of a person who has nothing to do with them? ”, Confessed the young man.

It should be noted that recently Brenda Bezares made public the proof dna notarized where it is confirmed that indeed Alan Bezares is the son of Mario Bezares, thus ending the theories that have been indicated for some time.

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Son of Mario Bezares speaks for the first time about the “paternity” of Paco Stanley