Sing with me now: no-shows, last-minute replacements, and shouting at the jury before debut

It has not yet aired and conflicts have already broken out. Within days of the premiere sing with me nowthe interns in the jury grow and some were already kicked out before starting. Absences without notice, last-minute replacements and cries for dressing room issues tarnish the debut of Marcelo Tinelli’s new format.

The new eltrece talent show has already begun its recordings; recordings that were charged with adrenaline and controversy. “There are many juries, therefore there will be many replacements,” they warned from LaFlia days before the premiere. However, in the last few hours it became known that there was already a casualty among the hundred artists who will occupy the grand stage for being late on the first day. “El Polaco was arriving late and they took him down. He was left out hours after the start, he didn’t get to record the first program or anything”, said the driver Adrián Pallares this morning in show partners.

Immediately, Mariana Brey explained in great detail how the situation was: “ÉHe reported that he was running late after they called him ten times and his phone was turned off. He was apparently coming from a tour he had done in the interior. When he announced that he was late, they told him: ‘No, don’t come.’ For now, El Polaco outside”, confirmed the journalist.

Immediately, the singer was replaced by Lula Rosenthal, who was Miguel Ángel Rodríguez’s partner in the Singing 2020; however, the next day, it also had to be replaced by agenda items. “The next day she couldn’t go either and they had to replace her with Ivanna Rossi, a great figure in musical comedy,” said driver Rodrigo Lussich.

However, that was not the only conflict that was experienced in the corridors of LaFlia. Apparently, the ego between the figures of the jury also came to light. “There’s a jury tent that the VIPs wouldn’t be in. Around Tinelli’s dressing room, there would be Puma, Cristian Castro, while Gladys La Bomba Tucumana was sent to a tent with the rest. For what the singer put the cry in the sky”, Pallares revealed while his panelists warned that after the scandal they already assigned him a new one.

From Don Torcuato’s studios, the morning reporter confirmed each one of the sayings on the floor and spoke with some of the protagonists of the new reality show. “I’m not going to say no, there are some things, but it’s all fun. You have to live together and put the best wave. For me this is like a Big Brother”, said El Tirri who came especially from Los Angeles to be part of the 100 jurors.

“Yesterday we started singing. First Bahiano, then me, then La Bomba, Puma and Cristian joined. It was a Bresh ”, she added with the intention of showing the good vibes between them. And right away he made a special invitation to the singer from Tucumán: “Today I’m going to invite her to come here, to dressing room 3, we’ll share it,” she confessed.

After assuring that Marcelo Tinelli is not aware of these types of situations, his cousin warned: “Marcelo has so much overflow in his head that I think he is not even in these details. You have to be here. He comes and goes all day and at night he still had the energy to continue talking at the table. I fall asleep and I didn’t do anything”.

Others who left their lives in Spain to join this new cycle were Cande Tinelli and Coti Sorokin. Anxious and happy to be able to accompany the driver in this new bet, the couple confessed that the only condition they set to be was “to be together”. “We both put that condition. If she wasn’t there, I wasn’t there and I think vice versa”, confessed the composer.

“I’m fine, anxious, nervous, happy; a mix of emotions but positive. Very happy, “said Tinelli’s daughter while her boyfriend agreed:” I’m the same. It is a challenge, for me it is something new. I get more nervous here than on stage,” revealed the musician.

Although Cande has a musical career and great exposure on the networks, he always escaped television. However, this time he seems to have changed his mind: “Since there were 100 jurors, I said yes, because being five is not the same as being 100, but obviously TV is a challenge for me, I never worked with my old man, so it’s the first time. But I come here for fun, to meet with family and friends, so I didn’t have so many doubts.”, he expressed.

After clarifying that her condition was “being next to Coti”, the girl with the tattoos explained the reasons: “It is key to have someone by your side with whom to give an opinion. We have a complicity that we understand”, indicated who has not yet learned the choreo of the program. “We just got here, so they told us we had more freedom and we held on to that,” Sorokin justified.

After returning to the apartment, Mariana Brey said that Cande and Coti were other absentees (although with permission) in yesterday’s recordings. “Yesterday they were both absent due to a family problem with Coti, something that happened with their children and they were replaced by other artists,” said the panelist while her partner Paula Varela interrupted her to give a color fact: “The only one who has her own people to put on makeup and do her hair is Cande, the rest she does with the team there, which is wonderful”, concluded the journalist.

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Sing with me now: no-shows, last-minute replacements, and shouting at the jury before debut