She tells her company that she is sick and cannot work … but her boss sees her on TV celebrating England’s goals


11 Jul 2021 02:16 GMT

The employee, who has been fired, decided to lie thinking that she would not be granted a day off to attend the meeting, due to staff shortages.

Nina Farooqi, a 37-year-old English fan, has been fired after her boss discovered that she was at Wembley Stadium watching the semi-final of the European Championship, played on Wednesday between England and Denmark, after saying in the company that she could not go to work because she was sick, reports Daily Mail.

A friend of hers had won two tickets to watch the game in a raffle for her work and, thinking that her company, Composite Prime, would not give her the day off to attend the meeting, due to staff shortages, decided to lie saying that he was not well.

When the English soccer team scored the tying goal, the television camera focused on Farooqi and her friend, who were celebrating their fair goal. behind the goal, so their faces went around the world.

“They said they saw that I’d been to the match and I was honest about why I did it, but i got no compassion“Explained the woman.” I feel a little regret, nobody wants to be fired, but I would not have liked to regret having missed it. I would do it all over again, “he said.

“Appropriate measures”

Composite Prime CEO Charles Taylor said he understood that this is an exciting time for everyone in England, and admitted that given such an opportunity, he would have been allowed to go to such an important football match.

“Unfortunately, this time our employee lied and took a sick day to attend the meeting on Wednesday July 7,” he explained. “This was a violation of your contract work, so we had no choice but to take the appropriate measures “, wielded Taylor, who highlighted honesty and integrity as values ​​highly valued by his company.

England national team it will be seen the faces in the final of the Eurocopa with Italy this Sunday.

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