Shannen Doherty and her case against physical perfection

Shannen doherty, actress after Prue Halliwell in Haunted or Brenda Walsh at Feeling of Living (Beverly Hills, 90210), is defying Hollywood beauty standards. In a scenario where actresses and actors resort to innumerable techniques, operations and treatments to try to keep their image young and radiant, Doherty has decided to face this obsession with botox and surgeries by proudly showing her face without aesthetic retouching.

And is that this movie and television star of the 90s prefers to be natural and show the public the natural scars of their experiences and experiences through aging.

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“Watching movies tonight I realized that there were few female characters that I could identify with. You know, women without fillers, without botox, without face lift. Women who have embraced his face and all the experience that it teaches “Doherty wrote on her Instagram in a publication where she proudly showed her face without filters, without retouching and without makeup.

“I have lived. I love what I have lived and that my face reflects my life “declares the actress. And it is that if we recall, Doherty has gone through a tough process of change due to breast cancer. It was diagnosed in 2015, when the disease was already in an advanced state. She had to undergo chemotherapy, radiotherapy and finally undergo surgery to perform a lumpectomy and remove the tumor. However, the disease subsided.

In 2020, during an intervention in Good morning america, admitted that the cancer had returned and was facing stage IV metastasis. At that time, in interviews with media such as People after having overcome his first battle against the disease, He already began to speak openly about the physical changes he was experiencing.

“What people don’t realize is that their body has been through something so incredibly difficult that their body never fully recovers,” Doherty admitted. I’m trying to figure out how to accept who I am now. I’m never going to be the size I used to be. Some of the medications I am taking continue to deplete my collagen, so I will never have a wrinkle-free face. I’m critical of myself, but there are some things you can’t fight with. “, he recounted.

During all this time, Dogherty has hardly been seen on the screen, although he has participated in small films such as How to Make a Deal with the Devil, Back in the dayor series like Heathers: School of Young Assassins. What’s more, in 2019 he participated in the reboot of Feeling of living, where he lived an emotional reunion with fellow cast members such as Ian Ziering, Jason Priestley, Tori Spelling, Jennie Garth or Brian Austin Green. However, the absence of Luke Perry was notorious due to the death of the actor that same year. And is that despite the difficulties caused by his illness, Dogherty has tried to continue at the foot of the canyon.

Now, the actress declares on her Instagram that she has finished accepting herself, but not without reproaching that image of perfection that Hollywood tries to impose and that can generate so many insecurities. “I survived a lot, yes cancer, but much more than that. I hug myself now. Finally. I’m done with the perception that magazines and Hollywood are trying to bring us in. I want to see women like me. Women like us “, concludes the actress.

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