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The two main protagonists of the final episode of succession they do not appear in it and one of them is not even mentioned. One is Logan, obviously, whose neglect and mistreatment of his three children ended up turning them into a rather pathetic group of adults who have never stopped being those children who fought and continue to fight for a place that is none other than the attention of that absent and cruel father. And the other one doesn’t have a name yet: it’s an unborn baby, with whom Shiv is pregnant and who, perhaps more unconsciously than calculated, ended up twisting her vote on the board of directors and making the Roy family sell Waystar. to the Swede who was not particularly sad today.

The winner, in the papers and magazine covers, will be Tom. But we know he’s a useful winner, maybe even a filler. Difficult to think of him at all as the man who will manage, below Lukas Mattson, the destinies of the company in the United States. And Shiv may know – there may have been some phone call we didn’t see in the middle – that it’s easier for her to occupy power in the company being the wife and mother of Tom’s son, someone Lukas listens to (when he doesn’t want anything else). ) that trying to get his brother Kendall – someone who also twisted his arm badly in the presidential elections, which were left open – to give him the place he deserves. The final hand outstretched from Tom in the car to her, still cold to her, is key. She kept the place for the family. And the heir, her son, will be a Roy Wambsgans, but Roy nonetheless.

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This is a brutal, devastating debacle for Ken. When his crime came to light, things began to get complicated. Shiv used it as a weapon against him and Ken, instead of going on the side of empathy, doubled down on the lie, told them that that emotional moment that brought them together there in Italy was false. And then he lost her completely. Not only to him but also to Roman, who at the end of all the chaos seemed almost relaxed and even calm with the news he’s been fighting against since his father died: he didn’t want more, enough for him. If there are three brothers and one wants everything for himself, it is clear that the other two together can make life impossible for him. And even more so if they realize that he has blatantly lied to them.

GoJo stays with Waystar, Roman and Kendall fly the same as the usual executives and Greg, a key player at one point in the episode thanks to a phone translation application, lost a lot of points as he was about to throw the plan overboard From tom. They also fought each other, in this case in a bathroom, but everything ends up giving the impression that there may be a place for him in the company. The guy, let’s agree, also knows secrets that better not come to light. And it’s not that Tom has “friends” or people to dump quietly.

Roman’s closure is unknown. Time and time again he was found to be the most sensitive, the least prepared but also the most disagreeable of the brothers, a combination he covered up with smirks and good verbal gymnastics. He voted in favor of his brother but in the argument/fight in the office –the writers of the series do not manage to keep the characters secrets or that their conflicts are not visible to others– it became clear to him that Ken was willing to do anything to stay him with everything, including the alleged lie (which was not such) about the murder with which the first season concluded. Fed up with everything, Roman saw how his brother fell and went to have a drink at a bar.

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What about Ken, the long-suffering protagonist and the great loser? Consumed by his own ambition, his desperation and knowing that he was his father’s heir (“he told me when I was 9 years old,” he says in a pathetic and competitive conversation between the three of them) he ended up revealing his inability and lack of talent to negotiate , he let his ego show too much and alienated Shiv in this case as happened with Roman in another board meeting, one very distant in time, in which Kendall wanted to unseat Logan. Back, she was left in front of the water, her eternal companion on so many adventures. But this time with a bodyguard behind her.

It was not going to end well for the Roys. succession and while Tom’s triumph may be seen as more just – the revenge of the not-so-rich – one should also not place too much faith in this man who can be sweet and loving one moment but then behave like a mixture of a slug and a leech. The winner is Mattson because, whether we like it or not, the future seems to pass through guys like him, whom the series covertly painted as someone who lived on his planet, but to whom it dedicated a brief key scene in this episode in which he was seen getting serious and making his team work. with his tone of “I don’t care about everything”the man knew how to do his job and ended up demolishing a family that had already been practically destroyed by his father.

It is true that the series, like its characters, became overly manipulative at the end, causing the characters and viewers to recalculate potential winners and losers every five minutes to the point of reaching a last-minute decision by Shiv who returned. to function as a swerve. Excesses of a scriptwriter too enamored of the twists, perhaps, but who never completely distances himself from the conflicts of the characters. Shiv’s twist may have been a narrative gimmick, but it’s nonetheless believable and makes sense in the world his character lives through.

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a great series succession, a brutal, stark and intimate portrait of that 0.1% that controls a large part of the world. It should never end well for them, but Armstrong managed over four seasons to make us learn to love them. In the end, seeing them go almost off the side of the frame, supporting actors in their own story, feels a bit wrong. But it has logic. Now will come strange names and numbers, artificial intelligence and companies without visible faces and many algorithms. The monstrous old guard gives way to the new. They became our friends and we knew how to understand them, it’s true, but the monsters that one loves are still monsters.

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Series: review of “Succession Ep. 4.10: With Open Eyes”, by Jesse Armstrong and Mark Mylod (HBO, HBO Max) – Micropsia