July 4, 2021

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Series premieres on Netflix from July 5 to 11

1625438439 Series premieres on Netflix from July 5 to 11

The third season of ‘A place to dream’, the fourth of ‘Atypical’ and the animated fiction ‘Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness’ stand out among the novelties of this week.

Netflix begins the month of July with the long-awaited return of two of his most popular dramas: A place to dream and Atypical. The first comes with its third season ready to solve some mysteries that were left up in the air in the last installment, while the second will put an end to the television career of its young protagonist.

This week the streaming giant also premieres the docuseries Crazy about cats and How they became tyrants, both perfect to enjoy and learn in these summer days.

Then you can check the list of series that will premiere on Netflix from July 5 to 11.


Crazy about cats

The documentary series Crazy about cats is one of the novelties that you can find in the platform’s catalog starting next week. The docuserie shows a selection of feline lovers and all that they do to make them the kings of the house. Birthday parties, marching bands and everything you can imagine.

Premiere: July 7th

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness

This week the streaming giant premieres the animated series Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness. Based on the well-known video game franchise of the same name, the fiction takes place in the United States in 2006. Agent Leon S. Kenney must carry out an investigation to try to clarify the theft of documents at the White House. What Leon and his team did not expect was to be attacked by a horde of zombies. For her part, Claire is still determined to decipher a child’s drawing to try to find out what the source of the infection was.

Premiere: July 8

A place to dream

The drama A Place to Dream returns to Netflix for its third season. The long-awaited new collection of episodes will have to solve some unknowns that the second installment left open. One of them, the most important, if Jack (Joe Henderson) has managed to survive the unexpected shot he received; but also who was the architect of the attack and why he did it.

Premiere: July 9th

Netflix: Series premieres in July 2021


The Atypical drama is another of the most anticipated comebacks of this week. The new batch of episodes, which will end the fiction starring Keir Gilchrist and Jennifer Jason Leigh, will follow Sam into his new life as a college student.

Premiere: July 9th

How they became tyrants

1625438438 561 Series premieres on Netflix from July 5 to 11

How they became tyrants is the title of the new docuseries that Netflix premieres this week. From a sarcastic point of view, in each episode the trajectory of some of the best-known dictators in history is investigated, with the intention of finding out why they came to be what they were.

Premiere: July 9th

Netflix: Movie Releases in July 2021

Neighbor war

Premiere: July 7th

Canine friends (Second season)

Premiere: July 7th

In the swamp 1997

Premiere: July 7th

Elizee Matsunaga: Once Upon a Crime

Premiere: July 8

Biohackers (Second season)

Premiere: July 9th


Close Enough

Premiere: July 9th