Sergio Lagos after breaking down in tears at the end of Here is Dance: “It had never happened to me”

Sergio Lagos he was moved to tears during the grand finale of the second season of Here You Dance on Channel 13.

The animator burst into tears after a question asked by Fran García-Huidobro.

“Mr. Lagos, how are you?”, the jury pointed out, after indicating that they found him different, “a little excited”, during the space.

“I would like to know what it means for you Here is danced”, the actress consulted him.

Given this, and visibly moved, the animator stated that “today the Fight told me that it had something like a farm and I always joke about it because everything can be farmed, but I don’t know, I’m not sure what’s going on Fran”.

“I couldn’t do the text and they invited me to do it here and we had a meeting, the Bedouin asked me to say a few words and I couldn’t say anything. There have been 58 days in which we somehow achieved the purpose of communication, which is to meet, get together, commune, learn from each other and also let the other learn from one in some way, ”he said.

“It’s all so funny because we’ve all changed, I was the fifth, last striker and today I’m part of a new brilliance we’re having on this channel and I’m very happy. Not for me, nor for the participants who are the soul of this party, I’m happy for the little one who wears a rock band’s shirt every day, I’m very happy for everyone. It is said so lightly that television is a place where we scheme, that we are at the service of supposed interests, but all that is diluted when we see them making public art through public television. Without a slogan, without manifestos, only the heart there”, indicated Lagos in the same way.

After this, Fran García-Huidobro told him that “you are where you deserve to be, where you always deserved to be”.

“A very intense thing”

in conversation with The latest newsthe animator referred to the emotion he experienced during the program.

“I think it was the context, a very intense thing in which we have been, a lot of work, many programs, empathizing with their energy (the contestants) and the program has been special for the channel, for us, for those who They’ve been there,” he said.

In that sense, he stated that “I put everything into it when I’m there, I’m not playing, I’m being part of something where there’s a lot of energy going around, and my drawback is to collect that energy, assimilate it, get it into my skin, into my soul and return it with force and leave it floating in the air, like a kind of emotional boomerang”.

Asked if he had never been moved out of nowhere, Lagos pointed out that “it had never happened to me, something else happened to me at the Viña Festival, the last day of the first edition that I animated, an energetic rush came to me, I was happy, excited and between tears and laughter I went out to greet all the people on the channel, I went to hug everyone I caught, it was euphoria with joy and melancholy. I think I’m a melancholy guy.”

On why he pointed out that he felt the “fifth striker”, he indicated that “I think this project has been super refreshing and uncovered a lot of desire that we all had, I wanted to contribute and put energy into the corridors and the studios of the channel and yes, at some point I felt that it was going away and now, with the ball on the court, I felt super comfortable”.

Finally, he denied feeling left out on the channel. “I never stopped working, I never stopped this one on the air, between Welcome, Here we are all, Café social, Alembic, but yes, the industry, not only our channel, was super lame in possibilities, everything was tragedy and we saw a lot of sorrow , a lot of anguish, a lot of people without problems, I think that giving life to things is like when a tree is watered and it blooms, “he concluded.

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Sergio Lagos after breaking down in tears at the end of Here is Dance: “It had never happened to me”