Sergio Goyri’s girlfriend celebrates his birthday and makes him feel as old as Chabelo

the mexican actor Sergio Goyriturned 64 years old on November 14 and celebrated it next to his girlfriend, the businesswoman Lupita Arreola in the Basque Country, in Spain; place from where they have shared several moments through social networks, such is the case of a funny situation that made the villain par excellence in soap operas feel like he was Chabelo.

In one of the stories that Arreola shared while they were tasting their food, he is seen complimenting his partner: “on behalf of all the women who adore my beloved Sergio, I am well placed here to pamper him” and added: “thanks to so many generations that have followed himthat they always admire him, that they respect him, that they love his work, because he does a great job, wonderful as an actor and every time we travel I like how people pay attention to him, recognize him and take photos with him”.

In another video, we again see Lupita explaining that the words she had said were very funny: “we are laughing because I said ‘to so many generations‘, well, it started well, young man, in ‘Chiquilladas’”, this in reference to the children’s program that premiered in 1982 on Mexican television.

Then Sergio Goyri intervened: “do not compose him anymore. He made me feel like Chabelo”, alluding to the 87-year-old driver who is often joked about for his longevity and because his children’s program ‘En familia con Chabelo’, which aired from 1967 to 2015, was seen by several generations.

In her stories, the businesswoman also showed the gifts she gave Goyri, including a Bomberg brand watch: “so you don’t waste any second, minute or hour of your life. I give it to you with much love”.

Another detail that Lupita Arreola had towards Goyri was a surprise on the sand of a beach in which a Peruvian artist wrote: “Happy birthday, my life. Sergio and Lupita. Love you”. Together was the design of the tattoo that the actor has on his shoulder:

“Just look at what this woman sent me to do. You are a beauty, mamacita”. Expressed the actor.

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Sergio Goyri’s girlfriend celebrates his birthday and makes him feel as old as Chabelo