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Selena Gomez

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The professional career of Selena Gomez it’s not just musical. The latest rumors regarding it say that he will soon release what could be his last album before retiring, but the truth is that he has many more projects on the table not related to the recording world. Counting on the success of her makeup firm, Rare Beauty, is going to launch a cooking reality show coming to HBO Max. But it has also produced, as it did in ‘For 13 reasons’, a film where many faces known as Dacre Montgomery from ‘Stranger Things’‘The Broken Hearst Gallery’ is called, in case you want to see it. Although his next job It means his return to television, with a recurring role, as has not happened since he played Alex in ‘The Wizards of Waverly Place’.

The series is called ‘Only Murders in the Building’ and will play one of the leads, alongside Steve Martin and Martin Short. As you will suppose from the title, the theme of it will be mystery and murders. Although we will also have guaranteed laughs, according to Selena herself during one of her Instagram live shows:

“The show is hilarious. Something like a tragicomedy. There are moments that are serious, but then there are others in which everything is a real and fun chaos. ”

His supporting buddy Marin Short got a little wetter and wakefulness the plot:

” It’s about three people who live in one of those luxury New York apartments. They meet in the elevator, greet each other, but never speak. They don’t even know the other’s name. And then you find out that when they get home, they become obsessed with crime. Then they meet a fourth person. This is assassinated and they decide to know what has happened. But they make a pact: only crimes committed in the building can be solved. ”

It looks good, right? Well, it has arrived the first trailer along with the release date!

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All ten episodes will air from August 31 on the Hulu platform. You do not know how to see them since it has not yet arrived in Spain? With this little trick we could see the meeting of ‘Friends’ …

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