Seahorse reveals his identity by taking the silver in ‘Mask Singer 3’

The final of the third edition of ‘Mask Singer: guess who sings’ was finally broadcast on Antena 3 on the night of July 5, after the parenthesis last week, with Gallo, Ratita, Caballito de mar and Gorilla as the finalists. A gala that started with the expulsion of Gallo, who revealed his identity, which he had to do next Seahorse, by becoming the second runner-up. It was then that he discovered before the audience that it was the Italian artist Sabrina Salerno.

Sabrina Salerno is discovered as Seahorse from ‘Mask Singer 3’

“Maniac” by Michael Sembello was the theme chosen by the contestant for her last performance in the contest, where he assured that “I have left my underwater life behind but I feel perfectly fine on dry land” as the last clue, like revealed that she was not Spanish. Despite everything, in the midst of her confusion, Javier Calvo and Mónica Naranjo decided that the mask hid Elsa Pataky.

Meanwhile, Javier Ambrossi and Ana Obregón launched the theories that it was Stephanie of Monaco and Grace Jones, respectively, completing a list of theories that were very far from reality. Singer thus managed to completely mislead the investigatorsfor the second time in a row on the same night, after they also failed to catch Gallo.

“It has been a magnificent experience”

Despite everything, the team congratulated him and celebrated the presence of a grateful Salerno, “very happy to be here”. “For me it has been a magnificent experience, magical like my little horse,” declared the contestant, who confessed that it was “horrible” to carry her rival, since she barely allowed her to see. The researchers were full of praise for the contestant, whose presence in the format, for Ambrossi, was “a dream come true”. “I thought it would be easier, especially because I want to move and with this I can’t,” Salerno acknowledged, about his disguise, after which he confessed that the protocol to hide his identity had been “difficult, but very funny “.

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Seahorse reveals his identity by taking the silver in ‘Mask Singer 3’